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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

Some great new artists and bands have been popping up with a lean towards progressive/experimental soul. Here are some bands I saw on my current trip to Tokyo and a few others I might check out in the future. WONK There is another relatively new Japanese band called NOT WONK that plays Ellegarden-esque pop punk. […]

City Po(o)p

Next to idol music, the most popular trend or style of music to dominate Japan’s indie music scene in recent years has been City Pop. But before I attempt to define and describe the nebulous, ass-backwards classification known as ‘City Pop’ I want to give a shout out to Eric Beyeler who came up with […]

Cyber Tiger: the (abridged) lowdown on how to have more fun at idol shows

I am SWAMPED with shit I need to get done for the tour but I want to take a minute to explain a couple things about idol groups. 1. Checky (2-shot): A 2 shot or checky is a paid Polaroid photograph of you with an idol member. In Japan it usually costs 1000 yen ($12) […]

No Twerking after midnight… in Japan

Due to an archaic law in Japan it is illegal to dance after midnight. I assume the law was originally instituted to decrease the potential for less benign criminal activities such as prostitution and drug trafficking. Though police usually turn a blind eye to nightclubs that break this law, in recent years, especially in southwestern […]

The Triumvirate

The three lucky winners are: 1. Minal P 2. Rodolfo M 3. Quinn D The winners were drawn by random: There were 12 people who qualified properly but a 13th entrant was added for posting a nice write-up about NMFT6 in his blog. The entrants were ordered in the sequence comments were posted on the […]

Posters & Flyers

One way to help out with this tour is to print a few flyers or posters and place them in useful places such as: comic book stores, record shops, coffee shops, bulletin boards at your school, condo or community centre etc. If you put up a poster or leave a small stack of flyers somewhere, […]

Ticket giveaway on tumblr

An awesome human being named Sharon came up with this contest because she’s better at gymnastics and tumbling than I am. NMFT6 ticket giveaway For the tumblr impaired we’ll hold other contests. We’ll give away some T-shirts/CDs by the NMFT6 bands. Check back for updates! Oh and check out Sharon’s tumblr It’s an awesome way […]

the peggies (free download)

A slightly embarrassing fact about me is that I used to be a huge fan of the band Chatmonchy. Although I shouldn’t be too embarrassed because I strongly believe they are one of the finest female bands in the history of rock and roll (and I don’t mean just in Japan). They’re mostly known for […]

Maps’n Jazz and Common Para-Medics

Two of my all-time favorite bands hail from Chi-town: caP’n Jazz and Maps & Atlases… oh.. and one of my fave emcees: Mr. “I stand out like a n*gga on a hockey team” aka Common. A frequent occurrence in my life is the discovery of a great band and the misfortune of having just missed […]

Hikashu invade Toronto, Ottawa & Quebec!

Hikashu are a legendary prog/avant-pop band fronted by Koichi Makigami. They’ve been around since 1978 (35 years!!) and were influential in the 80s as part of the new wave boom in Japan. Although they achieved mainstream success as a ‘new wave pop’ band and signed with major label EMI Records, since inception they have always […]

Advance tickets are now available at local record stores! Soundscapes & Rotate This in Toronto. Red Cat on Main, Red Cat on Hastings & Zulu Records in Vancouver. Please wait ~Mar 9 for tickets in Montreal.

Here are the Facebook event pages for: Toronto (Rivoli, Lee's Palace), Montreal, and Vancouver Tell us you're coming and please help spread the word by sharing the event!

Advance tickets for NMFT10 can be purchased online: Toronto at Rivoli & Lee's Palace, Montreal and Vancouver.

NMFT10: Choosing the 5th band

February 7, 2017
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NMFT10: Diamonds in the Rough

January 21, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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