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Live from Tokyo!! via Canucks City

After my trip to Japan followed shortly by travelling to Vancouver, I’ve developed an obscene amount of jetlag. My body has no clue what time it is, it just wants to f*cking sleep! Before my flight to Vancouver I ate a massive breakfast at the airport’s Tim Hortons b/c they don’t serve complimentary meals on […]

Where you need to be Saturday May 21 & 28 !!

This is primarily for those that live near Tokyo and Vancouver, respectively. Though I live in Toronto and will be flying in specifically for these events b/c they’re well worth the time and money. On May 21, bound to be one of the best shows in Tokyo all year: Kyushu Pop Festival 2011 @ Shinjuku […]

I’m back in Japan!

After working a 24 hour shift with no sleep, I spent 12 hours on a plane to Tokyo unable to sleep. When I arrived the first thing I did of course was go to a show! Last night I watched Tokyo Karan Koron and This is Panic! at Shimokitazawa Basement Bar. I’ll talk about the […]

Tokyo Day 7: Gyoza Party!!

Ryotaro called me and let me know his band’s playing tonite down the street from my hotel. So I’ll be checking out Kulu Kulu Garden @ Shinjuku Motion before heading to Shimokita ERA for the gyoza party with susquatch, uhnellys and sgt. Kubota (MOTFD manager) said they might not be able to make it due […]

Tokyo Day 2: family reunion

I decided to take it easy during the day. I caught up on some much needed sleep, wrote a blog entry about the show last night, validated my 3-week JR pass, scored reserve tickets for NATSUMEN’s Endless Summer Jam one-man show (12/21) @ SHELTER (which I thought would be sold out for sure), went to […]

3 Unequivocal Truths About the Tour

1. The bands and I gained a LOT of weight eating and drinking the fine food and beer Canada has to offer. 2. I developed a cold. (and I’m pretty sure it was susquatch’s Maki-chan that gave it to me.) 3. I had the time of my life touring with sgt., MOTFD, susquatch and uhnellys […]

uhnellys mêlée with Todd on CHARTattack

First of all congratulations to uhnellys for being invited to perform with some of the best Japanese bands/artists/DJs at Neutral Nation 2010 in Odaiba. I can’t stress enough how their live performance is so much better than what you may hear on CD or preview on Youtube. (Noone’s been able to document uhnellys at their […]

Neutral Boredom

I feel compelled to repent for my last post with some indie/underground goodness. Despite being totally swamped with organizing the tour (no thanks to all those who said they’d help but haven’t done Bo Diddly!!) I plan on taking a short trip to Japan just before the Next Music from TOKYO tour. Why? 2 events. […]

Next Music from Tokyo vol 2 unplugged (literally)

Just about a week ago the 2nd Next Music from TOKYO tour was on “life support” b/c 1. I had lost contact with Mass of the Fermenting Dregs’ manager for about 3 weeks. 2. Despite numerous people saying they would help with the tour, I found myself doing all the scutwork again 3. There was […]

Hip Hop and you don’t stop

Some of you might have read a blog entry earlier today (now erased) concerning the next tour being on life support etc. Well forget you ever read that b/c the 2nd tour is definitely still on! (and Mass Dre are still on board!) Though I would still like people to help me with designing flyers […]

Advance tickets are now available at local record stores. Toronto (Soundscapes & Rotate This). Montreal (Cheap Thrills). Vancouver (Red Cat & Zulu).

Please help spread the word about the tour via the Facebook event pages: Toronto (Oct6 Tranzac), (Oct7 Lee's), Montreal (Oct 8 Divan Orange), (Oct 9 Mini Live & Party), Vancouver (Oct 11 KW Studios)

Links for purchasing advance tickets online: Toronto (Oct6 Tranzac), (Oct7 Lee's), Montreal (Oct 8 Divan Orange), (Oct 9 Mini Live & Party), Vancouver (Oct 11 KW Studios)

Click here for show info: Oct 6 Toronto @ Tranzac Club, Oct 7 Toronto @ Lee's Palace, Oct 8 Montreal @ Divan Orange, Oct 9 Montreal @ Divan Orange, Oct 11 Vancouver @ KW Studios.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

May 7, 2017
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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

May 2, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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