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Fresh Blood: 雨のパレード (ame no parade)

homepage Facebook twitter Ame no Parade (tl: Parade of Rain) is a 4pc band that formed in 2012. They are originally from Kagoshima near the southernmost tip of Japan where the music scene is not exactly bustling. In 2013 they relocated to Tokyo, played as many shows as they could and quickly developed a strong […]

Nerds of a feather ROCK together (pt 3 ft Ai Ito)

of PaperBagLunchBox

Nerds of a feather ROCK together (pt 2 ft Hana)

of Even though her band’s music is equal parts Brie and Monterey Jack, Hana is a great drummer with particular expertise using the double bass pedal. Hell, she even has her own instructional video: She may look like a crimefighting reject from planet Yellow Short Bus but her nerdiness is endearingly cute. Double Bass in […]

Nerds of a feather ROCK together (pt 1 ft Miro Kurata)

of ANIMA Homepage Myspace My friend icarium referred to Miro as “mad cute” … … … I’m not sure what he was smoking at the time but I can say with confidence that Ms Kurata is one fantastic drummer. She keeps the beat without standing out but peppers transitions with interesting fills. The youtube clips […]

BEASTS (pt3 ft Masumi)

of moja Masumi behind a kit sounds like an entire warehouse full of firecrackers being lit up mere milimeters away from your eardrums. And her looks match the white hot heat of her drumming style. moja actually came and played in Toronto during NXNE 2008 (at the Velvet Undergound). Wish I had known about them […]

BEASTS (pt2 ft Hitomi Yamazaki)

of highered-girl Homepage Myspace Hitomi is another girl who just POUNDS the f^ck out of her kit. She is quite cute but has arms muscular enough to beat me senseless for commenting on the fortitude of her upper limbs. My first time watching highered-girl was at a show in which all 6 bands consisted of […]

BEASTS (pt1 ft Reiko Gotoh)

of MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS (original line-up) Reiko Gotoh! Where the hell are you? And why did you have to quit MOTFD? You were so badass. So damn powerful on skins I could marry you for your drumming prowess alone. =) Nothing against Isao Yoshino who is an amazing drummer but Reiko was a […]


of audreyshoes and and メカネロ (mechanero)  (R.I.P) Her name is definitely not pronounced “ew!” Great, GREAT chops and she sings lead to boot. Her singing may not match her prowess on drums but she has a soothing voice that complements audreyshoes’ soft, jazzy tunes. And when did she become che-a’s drummer and what did they do […]

Miwako Matsuda

of 雅だよ雅 (Masadayomasa) Official Homepage Myspace and Official Homepage Myspace How can someone so cute look so badass as she manslaughters her kit standing up with a smile on her face? She and her partner-in-crime, るゥ, arguably upstaged ミドリand Zazen Boys as the opening act in 2008. Fukuoka girls represent!


of afrirampo   (R.I.P.) Official Homepage Myspace Probably the craziest drummer in this thread. If the NBA dunk contest were ever combined with drumming, she’d win hands down.

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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

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