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超べりーAWESOME “tour finale”

The uhnellys album release/unofficial NMFT V2 tour finale was off the f*cking meter. I had a blast. Tons of people came to party. Narui Mikiko (sgt) stage dove into my arms. =) We drank tons. The bands absolutely killed it with amazing sh*t your pants level performances. I`ll post some clips and give more details […]

Nagoya by a hair

Right now I have 15 min to decide if I want to stay in Tokyo and watch some of my fave bands: the Mornings, Thai Kick Murph, otori and KKG as well as the DARARS and Kaisoku Tokyo. They’re playing 5 min away from my hotel. Ian will also be around. My other option is […]

the uchikubitriol

Feb 18, 2011. During the day I met up with my brother and we ate lunch at a Russian restaurant. The food was just “ok” but the waitress there was cuter than Ueto Aya. On this day I also bought a new phone: Lynx 3D SH-03C I have an iPhone back home and thought I’d […]

影分身の術: Too bad I can’t clone myself like Naruto

F*ck Air Canada!!!!! My flight was delayed over 2 hours so instead of arriving @ Narita airport @ 3pm, I got there at 5:30pm. The bus ride to Tokyo proper from the airport normally takes 80-90 min but since it was rush hour it took about 2 hrs. I arrived in Shinjuku at 7:40pm and […]

Tokyo Bound

I’m currently at the Air Canada Lounge killing time until I board my flight to Narita/Tokyo. It’s going to be a short trip of 7 nights duration. My shortest trip to Tokyo was 2 nights where I went specifically to watch Akiko Fukuoka (Chatmonchy) DJ @ Shibuya LUSH and viridian / Mudy on the 昨晩 […]

Off Hiatus and Back in Business

When I arrived home after my trip to Japan I decided I needed a break from music and NMFT. (sorry to those who emailed me and haven’t got a response yet). Didn’t do much exciting on my leave of absence since winter in Toronto is horrendously cold. Work kept me busy. Finally got around to […]

A few more tickets were added to the online advance ticket pool for both May 19 (Rivoli) and 20 (Lee's Palace). There will definitely be tickets left aside to purchase at the door in limited quantities.

Advance tickets are now available at local record stores! Soundscapes & Rotate This in Toronto. Red Cat on Main, Red Cat on Hastings & Zulu Records in Vancouver. Cheap Thrills in Montreal.

Here are the Facebook event pages for: Toronto (Rivoli, Lee's Palace), Montreal, and Vancouver Tell us you're coming and please help spread the word by sharing the event!

Advance tickets for NMFT10 can be purchased online: Toronto at Rivoli & Lee's Palace, Montreal and Vancouver.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

May 7, 2017
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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

May 2, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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