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超べりーAWESOME “tour finale”

The uhnellys album release/unofficial NMFT V2 tour finale was off the f*cking meter. I had a blast. Tons of people came to party. Narui Mikiko (sgt) stage dove into my arms. =) We drank tons. The bands absolutely killed it with amazing sh*t your pants level performances. I`ll post some clips and give more details […]

Nagoya by a hair

Right now I have 15 min to decide if I want to stay in Tokyo and watch some of my fave bands: the Mornings, Thai Kick Murph, otori and KKG as well as the DARARS and Kaisoku Tokyo. They’re playing 5 min away from my hotel. Ian will also be around. My other option is […]

the uchikubitriol

Feb 18, 2011. During the day I met up with my brother and we ate lunch at a Russian restaurant. The food was just “ok” but the waitress there was cuter than Ueto Aya. On this day I also bought a new phone: Lynx 3D SH-03C I have an iPhone back home and thought I’d […]

影分身の術: Too bad I can’t clone myself like Naruto

F*ck Air Canada!!!!! My flight was delayed over 2 hours so instead of arriving @ Narita airport @ 3pm, I got there at 5:30pm. The bus ride to Tokyo proper from the airport normally takes 80-90 min but since it was rush hour it took about 2 hrs. I arrived in Shinjuku at 7:40pm and […]

Tokyo Bound

I’m currently at the Air Canada Lounge killing time until I board my flight to Narita/Tokyo. It’s going to be a short trip of 7 nights duration. My shortest trip to Tokyo was 2 nights where I went specifically to watch Akiko Fukuoka (Chatmonchy) DJ @ Shibuya LUSH and viridian / Mudy on the 昨晩 […]

Off Hiatus and Back in Business

When I arrived home after my trip to Japan I decided I needed a break from music and NMFT. (sorry to those who emailed me and haven’t got a response yet). Didn’t do much exciting on my leave of absence since winter in Toronto is horrendously cold. Work kept me busy. Finally got around to […]

Advance tickets are now available at local record stores! Soundscapes & Rotate This in Toronto. Red Cat on Main, Red Cat on Hastings & Zulu Records in Vancouver. Please wait ~Mar 9 for tickets in Montreal.

Here are the Facebook event pages for: Toronto (Rivoli, Lee's Palace), Montreal, and Vancouver Tell us you're coming and please help spread the word by sharing the event!

Advance tickets for NMFT10 can be purchased online: Toronto at Rivoli & Lee's Palace, Montreal and Vancouver.

NMFT10: Choosing the 5th band

February 7, 2017
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NMFT10: Diamonds in the Rough

January 21, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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