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NMFT vol 3 line-up finalized

NATSUMEN 百蚊 (hyacca) (pronounced hyakka) チーナ (chiina) (pronounced cheena) merpeoples 385 would have been an excellent band to have on the roster but I’ve decided to go with Natsumen instead. The uncertainity after Jun (keyboards) left the band and a major change in their sound switching from keyboards to guitar were keyr factors in making […]

Natsumen vs 385 and a change in the itinerary?

Since my last vol 3 tour update a couple things have happened. First of all, I just got off the phone with 385’s manager and learned that they are experimenting with changing the sound entirely. For now they’ve gotten rid of the keyboards and replaced it with guitar. Currently the guitarist is Noda Kouhei from […]

Indie Spotlight: テングインベーダーズ (Tengu Invaders)

Drums: Iwasaki Youko Gt/Vo: Nakamura Mutsuo Bass: Kuboya Takeshi homepage myspace tengu invaders are a 3 piece band from Tokyo. Their sound is rooted in punk but is very diverse as it veers off into shoegaze, emo, powerpop, jazz, bluegrass, campfire, gospel, salsa and everything under the sun. I first found out about them a […]

Indie Spotlight: 股下89 (matashita89)

myspace homepage 股下89 are a 4 piece female band hailing from Kanagawa prefecture (i.e. somewhere near Yokohama). They play dark, emotive, barebones garage rock and to a degree prefer to conceal their appearance from the general public. They don’t wear masks but similar to soutaiseiriron they value their privacy and project an air of mystery […]

And then there were 5

As it stands the line-up looks like: 1. 385 2. Merpeoples 3. 百蚊 4. チーナ However, Natsumen are still lurking in the background. I have talked to their manager a couple times over the last few days and they couldn’t have made it more clear how much they’d love to play in Canada. However, they […]

NMFT vol3 update

Volume 3 of the Next Music from Tokyo tour will involve the following dates: Oct 12 Vancouver (aiming for Biltmore Cabaret) Oct 14 Montreal (aiming for La Sala Rossa) Oct 15 Toronto (likely @ the Rivoli b/c they’ve been great the last 2 tours) Oct 16 Toronto (all-ages; likely @ the Velvet Underground unless someone […]

Information on buying advance tickets online and at local record stores will be made available soon.

Click here for show info: Oct 6 Toronto @ Tranzac Club, Oct 7 Toronto @ Lee's Palace, Oct 8 Montreal @ Divan Orange, Oct 11 Vancouver @ KW Studios.

The line-up for NMFT 11 is JYOCHO, Nuito, o'summer vacation, Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu, and Koutei Camera Girl Drei.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

May 7, 2017
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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

May 2, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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