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Posters & Fliers and how you can play an active role in the tour!

I can’t stress enough the fact that this tour is: 1. non-profit 2. a collaborative effort among fans of Japanese indie music not just in Canada but around the world This tour isn’t about making money. I can absolutely guarantee that since I’ve lost well over $100,000 funding the past three tours. Even if I […]

some shows I went to in Japan

In March, my friends from Toronto and I went to watch Merpeoples at Sangenjaya Heaven’s Door. It was a reunion of sorts since Larry and Keleng (along with Lana, Jesse, and Hiro) were the friends I entrusted to look after Merpeoples when they came to Toronto last year. Here’s a clip of a new song […]

Rob Perry for prez!

Watching this video brings back so many great memories from the last 3 tours. Last year my friend Dan Chow flew all the way from California to help out with NMFT3. He even rented hotel rooms and mini-vans to help cut down my costs. Dude was a life-saver since last year involved 5 bands with […]

Live Review: 赤い公園 w/ NATSUMEN @ Shibuya WWW (2012.04.06)

Pure. Bliss. Since NMFT4 is in May I couldn’t take too much time off work so I had to choose between going to EMI Rocks @ Super Saitama Arena where 赤い公園 stole the show or their record release tour final with NATSUMEN. Playing at Super Saitama was probably a bigger deal and I would have […]

Akai Koen vs Natsumen

I am back in Tokyo, Japan!! Just 2 weeks after my last trip. But this time I’m only here for four days and the focus will be on music. Last night I watched a great show at Shimokita Basement Bar. The band I wanted to see was o’valencia but all the bands were pretty good. […]

Trip Recap Pt 2

March 7 The weather continued to be overcast with light or full-on rain so we’d been pretty limited in our ability to walk around and sightsee. Today my friends went to Akihabara while I had lunch with Akai Koen/MOTFD’s manager (Kubota) and his fiance (Midori). After lunch Midori and I joined up with Larry, K, […]

A few more tickets were added to the online advance ticket pool for both May 19 (Rivoli) and 20 (Lee's Palace). There will definitely be tickets left aside to purchase at the door in limited quantities.

Advance tickets are now available at local record stores! Soundscapes & Rotate This in Toronto. Red Cat on Main, Red Cat on Hastings & Zulu Records in Vancouver. Cheap Thrills in Montreal.

Here are the Facebook event pages for: Toronto (Rivoli, Lee's Palace), Montreal, and Vancouver Tell us you're coming and please help spread the word by sharing the event!

Advance tickets for NMFT10 can be purchased online: Toronto at Rivoli & Lee's Palace, Montreal and Vancouver.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

May 7, 2017
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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

May 2, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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