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2012.10.07 ノムラセントラルステーション / AZMA shoegaze explosion / 百蚊 / ムーズムズ @ 名古屋 K・D ハポン

Still choked I never made it to Eternal Rock City, the hurt was assuaged by the opportunity to catch hyacca play in a tiny club in Nagoya called K・D ハポン (KD Japon). This event was curated by a guy who lives in Mie prefecture named Nobita. Aside from hyacca I knew nothing about any of […]

2012.10.05 otori @ Shinjuku MOTION and きのこ帝国 @ Shinjuku Wild Side

Before otori I managed to catch half of アンダーボーイズ (Underboys) set. Underboys consists of Sekiguchi Hajime (Gt/Vo) who normally drums and sings for the band Paradise and Sudo Yusuke (Gt/sequencer) of SOLID AFRO. I think these two guys are the core duo of Underboys but they performed as a 3pc with a bassist this night. […]

2012.10.04 THE★米騒動 vs HINTO @ Shimokitazawa SHELTER

THE★米騒動 (The Kome Soudou = The Rice Panic) is a 3pc band from Sapporo, Hokkaido whom I’ve been interested in for a couole of years but never had the chance to see live yet…. until Oct 4. Same for HINTO. Great band I had yet to see live. Shimokitazawa Shelter is a tiny club that […]

2012.10.03 harafromhell @ Shibuya LUSH

Earlier this year I went to a show at Shimokita Basement Bar almost straight after landing in Tokyo and checking into my hotel. The bands that played that night were (in order of appearance): ハラフロムヘル (harafromhell), 夢見てる, where is my mind?, o’valencia, and Day and Buffalo. o’valencia and Day and Buffalo were exceptional but I […]

2012.09.17 tacobonds / 百蚊 (hyacca) / MIR @ Studio Zot (live review by Geoff Spence)

Geoff had a great time at Ero Fes but apparently this event blew it out of the water and was one of the best shows he’s seen in his life: ———————————————————————————————————————– Hey Steve, Here is my review of the Hyacca/Tacobonds/MIR show. My apologies for the delay……jet lag has been kicking my ass all week. The […]

2012.09. 15&16 Eternal Rock City (Reviewed by Geoff Spence)

Oooooh SH*T!! Eternal Rock City is an annually recurring indie music festival curated by Yuya Tsuji (20 y.o.). The festival began in 2010 and has grown substantially each year. 2010 line-up: CoverAge / キドリキドリ / 真空ホロウ / the SHUWA / Buffalo’3 / BYEE the ROUND / butter butter / MONICA URANGLASS / moja / Large […]

deerhoof and Grimes

Deerhoof / Buke & Gase @ Cabaret du Mile End 2012.09.19 My friends Kubota and Midori were spending 3 days in Montreal. The music festival Pop Montreal was also in effect and Deerhoof were playing on the 19th. Deerhoof! Delicious food! Great friends! That was more than enough to convince me to fly to Montreal […]

A Week in Japan Oct 2-9, 2012

I’m still bummed I couldn’t make it to Eternal Rock City last month. Luckily the vice prez of NMFT operations, Geoff, did go and will write a review of Ero Fes. That and another show with hyacca, tacobonds and MIR. Hopefully Geoff didn’t get too wasted drinking with Ian and has some recollection of the […]

Information on buying advance tickets online and at local record stores will be made available soon.

Click here for show info: Oct 6 Toronto @ Tranzac Club, Oct 7 Toronto @ Lee's Palace, Oct 8 Montreal @ Divan Orange, Oct 11 Vancouver @ KW Studios.

The line-up for NMFT 11 is JYOCHO, Nuito, o'summer vacation, Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu, and Koutei Camera Girl Drei.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

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City Po(o)p

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