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2012.12.20 uri gagarn / OUTATBERO / 佐藤千明 (Akai Koen) / チーナ okonomiyaki party

Tonight was one of those nights where there were too many great things going on. First, I had promised Tabata from Zankyo shop that I would stop by their Christmas party. There was food, music and a gift exchange. But it was a gift exchange with an unusual twist. We were told to write down […]

2012 Dec18 & 19: 浮遊スル猫 / toe / stim / Kimura Kaela

2012.12.18: Last month during チーナ’s one-man @ Daikan UNIT, Naka recommended a new band called 浮遊スル猫 (fuyuu suru neko = floating cat) to me. I checked out their clips on Youtube and admittedly their style of music is a bit generic for my tastes but I was intrigued by the fact they namedrop チーナ in […]

2012 Dec 14 – 16 ハラフロムヘル, きのこ帝国, sgt.

2012.12.14 My flight reached Narita airport at 3:30pm. The show I wanted to go to most this day was in Otsu, Shiga near Kyoto. But by the time I checked through customs/security, picked up my luggage, took a train to Tokyo, bullet-trained it to Kyoto, then took another train to Shiga the show would have […]

My December Schedule (暫定)

It’s only been a month but I’m back in Japan with the primary goal of sorting out the roster for NMFT5. Unfortunately the Japanese indie music scene isn’t as strong as it was just 2-3 years ago and there’s a paucity of can’t-miss shows during my current visit. tricot and jizue played a show in […]

Austin Powers… Up!

The Mornings, SuiseiNoboAz and チャラン・ポ・ランタン will be tearing up Austin, TX during SXSW 2013. These three bands alone are sexy enough to consider flying to Austin to satiate one’s hankering for great music, free beer and barbecue brisket. I hope you all make some serious noise and a pooload of new fans stateside in March. I […]

Information on buying advance tickets online and at local record stores will be made available soon.

Click here for show info: Oct 6 Toronto @ Tranzac Club, Oct 7 Toronto @ Lee's Palace, Oct 8 Montreal @ Divan Orange, Oct 11 Vancouver @ KW Studios.

The line-up for NMFT 11 is JYOCHO, Nuito, o'summer vacation, Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu, and Koutei Camera Girl Drei.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

May 7, 2017
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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

May 2, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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