Choosing the bands for NMFT6

By admin • August 27th, 2013


警告: NMFT6に参加するバンドは間だ確認してない!

Nothing is official yet but two of the four bands have more or less been determined and they are Happy!Mari and group_inou.
The third band will likely be jizue and I’ve already invited tricot to be the 4th band.

group_inou are a no brainer. They were part of NMFT4 and quite possibly the most popular and fun band to have participated in NMFT so far.

Happy!Mari have a girly band name but they are supremely badass and my favorite band at the moment. I’ll describe them more in a future post but they’re a unique band overflowing with character and originality who write great songs and are incredibly tight musicians. A lot of people may hate the singer’s voice and singing style (I did at first) as it’s very high pitched, occasionally whiny and out of tune but it’s grown on me and now I consider it a real strength and one of the reasons the band is so interesting. They’re very young and haven’t even released an album yet but are kicking everyone’s asses in Tokyo’s underground scene.

jizue are an instrumental band from Kyoto who have been around for a while but are just now starting to make some noise throughout Japan.
They’re similar to mouse on the keys with piano driven melodies however the addition of bass and guitar allow for less minimalism and more warmth.
Also similar to motk and toe, their performances crescendo with a ton of emotion and intensity since most of the members previously played in hardcore bands.
I went to their one-man concert in July and was completely blown away. Basically, the only reason they’re not already 100% on the roster is because they didn’t bother to put me on the guest list for their show. They REALLY want to take part in NMFT6 and it was probably just an honest mistake but we had been in contact through Facebook & Twitter and even though I didn’t explicitly say “please put me on the guest list” they should have known better. I’m going to see them again next month and will give them a 2nd chance since they are pretty f*cking awesome.

As many of you know, in 2011 tricot was the first band I confirmed for NMFT4 and for various reasons I ended up replacing them with Praha Depart.
tricot set aside time from their busy schedule for the tour, had their heart set on coming to Canada and I rudely took away their opportunity so they have every right to be pissed at me…. and they are… very much so, well at least the drummer and manager with whom I had discused the tour.
Last year, I invited them to NMFT5 but they declined (actually, they were so pissed they didn’t even respond back). Since then I’ve talked with the band and staff and things are a bit smoother but I think they still hold a grudge.
Anyhow, tricot has a spot on the tour if they decide to take it

Again, nothing’s set in stone but group_inou, Happy!Mari, jizue, tricot would be a KILLER line-up.

But in case tricot says no I need to be prepared with a substitute. Also, jizue are frontrunners but they don’t have the spot locked up just yet.

So these are the other bands I’m strongly considering for the two remaining spots on the NMFT6 roster:

百蚊 (hyacca)
Having hyacca and group_inou on the same bill would be… INSANE. Out of the past five NMFT tours, these two bands wreaked the most havoc by far. Especially because I go completely mental watching them and generate a lot of moshing and crowdsurfing on my own. hahaha.

Since hyacca have already participated before, I would prefer giving another band a chance and otori shares some of the raw power and ferociousness that hyacca has in spades. However, otori don’t have quite the same energy and stage presence as hyacca and they still need a couple more killer songs to put on a truly great 35-40 min set. What I do like about them is they have developed a signature sound quite unlike any other band and I really appreciate their originality.

股下89 (matashita 89)
Matashita89’s music fits a lot closer to the NMFT aesthetic than tricot’s. However, tricot are much better musicians/performers.
What I love about 股下89 is their no non-sense attitude and raw “I don’t give a f*ck” soulfullness that is unseen in any other female band save for nisennenmondai and maybe 鬼の右腕 (oni no migiude). Unfortunately, like otori they need to up their collection of standout songs but their attitude/aura alone leaves a lasting impression.

A Kansai band that was recommended to me years ago whom I had been following closely and finally saw live for the first time in July. The main guitarist is the 2nd coming of Hendrix and the drummer is also phenomenally good. They are essentially an instrumental band with world music meets carnival meets lullaby-esque hymns and chants thrown in for vocal effect rather than a traditional form of singing.
When I saw them play live for their record release they actually played twice the same night as the first and last bands up. I watched the show with my friend Martin and we thought the first set was decent but nothing spectacular. However, the second time up they KILLED it and Martin and I were picking our jaws up from the ground. It was like two completely different bands. And the weird thing is they played my favorite songs during the first set but the second set was way, WAY better. I really like this band but I’m not sure how well they’ll go over in Canada. What do you guys think?

They’re label mates of チーナ and I’ve mentioned them as candidates before. In fact, rega are one of the most skilled instrumental bands in Japan and have a much larger following than チーナ, so Takeo Hori who manages both bands has always wondered why チーナ and not rega?! Well, チーナ trumps rega by having a style that’s closer to being unique and for writing songs with more emotional impact. However, I was invited to rega’s one-man at Shelter in July and they were very impressive. A lot heavier and aggressive than I remember them being and the crowd went completely bananas the entire night. I’ll keep them in mind but with group_inou and Happy!Mari having all male members I’d prefer the other two bands to have at least some female content to balance things out a bit.

(The video gets progressively wilder and crazier esp after the 5:30 mark)

There are much more established bands like Rin Toshite Shigure and Clammbon that I’d love to bring but it would be way too expensive (triple the cost of a regular band).
Tokumaru Shugo is another option whom group_inou want to tour Canada with but he could tour the US & Canada easily on his own without my help.
Akai Koen want to come again but Universal Music want them to focus on gaining popularity in Japan first.

Other bands under consideration: mothercoat (from NMFT1), chouchou merged syrups, thai kick murph, Gekitetsu, tacobonds, skillkills, Solid Afro, viridian (although they’ve practically broken up), masadayomasa (also almost broken up), Toubou Kusotawake and some other important bands I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Feel free to offer criticisms, recommendations and advice in the comments section!!

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Saw the post from Alan Cross and was immediately drawn to this article.

You are doing an awesome thing, and I was ecstatic to find out about it.

If you are willing to take suggestions (albeit, some of these may not fit the sound you are looking for) I would be glad to contribute.

01_Galneryus – Japanese Power Metal

02_Jupiter – Symphonic Metal
– feat ex members of Versailles

03_Blood Stain Child – Melodic Euro Metal

04_Hoshi Furu – J Rock

– Not from Japan, but from Toronto, ON.

Either way, stoked to see the end results and glad to see someone bringing some well deserved talent to our side of the world.

This could potentially be very solid line-up. Though, I haven’t listened to anything from Happy!Mari, and the sound quality on that Youtube video is quite lousy, so I don’t have an opinion on their music at this time.

group_inou’s music is not my cup of tea….but they are a no brainer. The crowds during NMFT4 went mental during their sets. They are also quite entertaining live, flailing around the stage the entire time.

I have not listened to much from jizue, but I like that “rosso” clip. Good stuff.

I think Tricot will be a fan favourite. I like most of their stuff. One thing I admire about this band is that they sound exactly the same live as they do on their albums.

Those four bands would make quite a diverse line-up….which is something that I appreciate about these tours.

I’m a fan of otori and 股下89.

Gekitetsu put on one of the most entertaining live performances I have ever seen…….I’m not sure if the stuffed tiger would make past customs though…

Have you ever seen a Homecomings live? I read about them on Ian’s blog:

This song “Sundays” is quite good:

I think uhnellys are great bang for your buck if you can ever decide to bring them back again.

However, there is one band that rises above all of these bands. One band that reigns supreme…………..百蚊!!!!!!!!!!!

Akai Koen were the best band I’ve seen at any of these yet (been to 3 of them now, I was the guy in the beard you could see in the grou_inou pic, we spoke briefly).

If you could somehow allow for the opportunity of their return, that would be the biggest selling point for me.

Otherwise, I would love to see some more noise rock oriented bands from japan.

I’d love to see Hyacca again, they’re the band that initially got me interested in these concerts though, so I have an inherent bias. My favourite thing from these shows, though, is discovering new bands. Anything noisey and/or shoegazey gets my vote I guess.

@Steve F: Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Because I pay so much money to fly the bands over I’m very particular about the bands I choose. I’m quite open minded but have pretty high standards and certain criteria in picking bands. First and foremost I have to really like the band’s music. Metal bands are usually quite skilled but the songwriting/melodies almost never grab me the way post-punk/HC or indie pop/rock music does. Thanks again for your recommendations though!

@Geoff I am strongly considering hyacca. If not in May 2014, then in Ocotober 2014. I’ve never seen Homecomings before. Judging by the Youtube, they’re not bad but their style is a bit generic and similar to Brit shpegaze pop from 20 years ago and currents bands like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart I’d like to get the line-up settled well in advance but I also do have quite a bit of time before May 2014.

Happy!Mari and nayuta caught my eye (ear), and rega seems really cool too!

I’m really digging Nayuta’s instrumentation. Lots of energy yet not quite straightforward, as in not forgettable.

@Chris Coming to Canada is wayyyy low on the priority list for Akai Koen’s management and they don’t want to come back until they grow their fanbase in Japan first. If it’s any consolation Happy!Mari are like the male equivalent of pre-major label Akai Koen with crazy offbeat songwriting and a ton of variety. Another vote for Hyacca noted!

@Celeste Happy!Mari are easily my fave band right now and they are the one band I want unequivocally on the NMFT6 roster. nayuta is SICK! I’m glad you like them and rega too.

@Mike nayuta are a great band. They used to be a 4pc with another phenom guitarist which made for really intricate and mindbending songs. I actually like their older songs better e.g. “Puzzlika Familia” (my fave!) but their new stuff is adequately killer.

You have another vote for Hyacca from me. NMFT 3 was probably the best edition of this tour with NMFT 5 a close second. From the samples, I think Nayuta sounds awesome. I’m unsure about happy mari because of the weird vocals and bad sound quality on the video but you obviously have good taste so I’m sure they are great. I’m also loving Tricot and Jizue. Somehow though Otori just doesn’t sound good at all to me.

What about Suiseinoboaz ? I think they’re one of the best bands in Japan and I remember you were interested in bringing them over. Any hope for them ?

I’d love to see tricot, and I hope things get smoothed out with them. I’d also love to see Akai Ko-en, although things don’t sound very promising given their situation.

Is Spangle call Lilli line even a possibility?

@Salim: another thumbs up for Hyacca! cool. Also, I’m glad you voiced your dislike for otori. Criticism of the bands I’m considering is probably more helpful at this point. However, it’s somewhat surprising since otori are about the closest band to hyacca in terms of style out of all the bands ever mentioned in my blog. They both play aggressive post-punk music with very eccentric, abrasive, piercing, shrieky guitar tones and are fronted by charismatic and wild women who don’t sing all that well but croon with alot of anger and passion. I expect people who don’t care for Hyacca to not like otori either but I assumed otori would be right up the alley for fans of Hyacca.
ALTHOUGH, I sort of understand where you’re coming from since Hyacca were a no-brainer from the beginning when I picked them whereas I’ve always had second thoughts about otori. Hyacca’s music, as aggressive and abrasive as it is, is actually quite danceable and has some pop sensibility. “Telephone Number” and “Stress” are catchy as hell. Otori on the other hand are about as blatantly un-pop as you can get short of Merzbow. Although songs “meta” and “Hanten” are reasonably melodic/catchy and have great groove/tempo/mood changes that I admire. Hyacca are fun whereas otori take things a bit too seriously.
Could you please comment again with a little more specific detail towards why otori’s music sounds bad while hyacca’s rocks? Too noisy? Vocals unbearably grating? I’m actually very curious. It’s quite important since if tricot are a no-go, otori are pretty high up on the list as candidates for the 4th spot.
SuiseiNoboAz are very tight, excellent musicians who play a great brand of no non-sense, powerful rock. They were candidates for the very first NMFT tour as well as the second but I always felt their music was a bit too straightforward with nothing standing out other than they’re really good musicians. I haven’t seen them live in quite a while so maybe I should see what they’re like now. I’ll keep your request in mind.

@Steve If possible, my first choice would actually be group_inou, Happy!Mari, tricot, Akai Koen especially since tricot and AK are the best of friends but as mentioned there are roadblocks for both bands.
SCLL… I think they’re still together but you can probably count on two hands the number of shows they’ve done in the last 3-4 years. I actually love (really, REALLY LOVE) some of their songs (I’ve often played their songs during breaks in between sets at NMFT shows) but have never actually seen them live and have heard from friends that their live show is a little boring. But yeah, Clammbon and SCLL are two bands I’ve thought about inviting to NMFT but likely not doable since both bands seem to be too involved with stuff outside music (work/family) to be able to devote the time needed to come to Canada. Also, both bands would probably require me paying for unnecessary staff people to tag along and I’d like to avoid that when possible. Thanks for the recommend and comment though!

I would like to recommend/nominate Tomy Wealth ( as a band that should come to Canada as a part of NMFT. They are a fantastic trio with explosive energy and virtuosic musical ability. Tomy’s profile in Tokyo is still on the rise and with continued support from agencies such as your own, we could hope to see even larger growth and expansion of their fan base/following. Please visit their website and listen to all their music. It will not disappoint!

I guess what I don’t like about Otori is what you brought up. As crazy as hyacca sounds, there’s always a ‘dance-able’ beat to their songs, while Otori is a bit too rough and is kind of grating. Also, from the videos I’ve seen, they don’t vary their sound too much, whereas Hyacca can glide from Shoegaze to dance-punk to hardcore within the same set.

As for Suisei, I appreciate what you’re saying. They’re not exceptionally different, they’re just really really fucking excellent. But they are really out there from time to time:

And though all japanese bands always have great techincal skill, Suisei’s bassist is uncontestably the best I’ve ever heard, and as a bassist myself, I guess I’m really biased in favor of this band as a result.

Have you ever considered Eastern Youth, Uminote or 緋と陽 for one of these tours? I’m just throwing some names out, wondering what you think of these bands.

Oh shit, group_inou again = awesome. You know, I think they’re kinda good friends with Hinto now, too… just saying (wink wink)

Can’t really tell about Happy!Mari from that video, but I’m sure if you’re jazzed about them then they must be worth a spot. Jizue seems to fill that instrumental/jam sound that you like so I can see them going over well, too. I’ve heard about Otori from other people now, too, so they must be doing something right (the video you posted is a bit garbled and I can’t get a reading from it). And Nayuta seem pretty cool; I really like their instrumentality and energy.

However, I would personally prefer getting Tricot and/or Hyacca because I really dig them both. If you already are committed to group_inou though, having another repeat band (Hyacca) might not be the best idea; I think the best thing about NMfT is the overall objective of presenting “new” music. That’s not to say that you wouldn’t be pleasing a lot of existing NMfT fans by bringing them back.

Oh yeah, and I really do think Tacobonds would be great. There’s only 3 of them, they’re all cool people, pretty sure they don’t mind being DIY-as-fuck, and their un-relenting Ramones-esque (back to back songs w/ no pauses) style is awesome. Also, they’d be a good band to represent that Tokyo Boredom sound/mentality.

Had a chance to listen to some of these other bands. skillkills are intriguing. Very interesting stuff. I wouldn’t mind seeing them. Solid Afro does nothing for me. The music is just kinda lame. Toubou Kuso Tawake are okay….but I find the vocals quite poor. I would prefer a band like Deepslauter over Toubou Kuso Tawake.

@Mis4Mountain: didn’t Tomy Wealth come to Canada last year? I thought they had a few shows with one of them in Toronto at the Annex Wreckroom.

@Salim: That was my first time seeing that PV by Suisei. It’s pretty impressive. I listened to Suisei’s new album and thought they had mellowed out a bit but I don’t remember this song which shows the very opposite. Eastern Youth, although legends, again have a straightforward hard-edged indie rock sound. They’re good but I’d like to bring a band with a fresher sound. I’ve seen Sasaguchi’s previous band 太平洋不知火楽団 lots of times but have yet to see うみのて. Sasaguchi’s got a really powerful voice and sings with passion but I’m pretty sure a lot of Canadian listeners would find his voice too irritating. 緋と陽’s bassist came to Canada before with NATSUMEN and the Gt/Vo is actually NATSUMEN’s roadie. They’re signed to Perfect music Records along with 385, Lagitagida and Gekitetsu, all of whom I have some interest in yet I still haven’t seen hitohi play live yet. I wouldn’t be able to make a judgement on them without seeing them live and I don’t think they play all that often,

@Rob: Votes for Hinto and tacobonds noted. Can’t wait till December. I’ll get your thoughts on some bands when we see shows together. I’m gonna need you to help me get some video footage for promo purposes but I know you want to do your own thing as well when you’re there but a little bit of footage would be grand.

Happy!Mari, group_inou & Hyacca would be a freekin’ awesome lineup bar none! For me, rega would round it out perfectly although I agree the female representation would be somewhat lacking… Tricot doesn’t do a lot for me but I can hear why they have lots of appeal. Maybe, Steve, you can expand on why Japanese bands are so shy about posting videos online. I know the live houses are somewhat restrictive but asides from “official” videos most of the stuff available is low quality. But I still listen despite the distortion 🙂

By Dima Zelikman on September 9th, 2013 at 9:32 am

Tomy Wealth would destroy Toronto! One of the greatest drummers I’ve ever seen live. Last time they came through toronto everyone that saw them was blown away. This is the band.

I just had another thought. What about maybe bringing Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs? I really love everything I’ve heard from them, and feel they’d be in line with this tour.

@Morgan: Happy!Mari, group_inou, Hyacca & rega actually would be a really loud, energetic, kickass line-up. I’ll think about it. 13 guys, 1 girl would be a sausage fest but
would help refute the notion that I’m only interested in female bands. hahaha!
To be completely honest, tricot’s music is a bit too much like straightforward, accessible rock and doesn’t quite fit the NMFT aesthetic but if they were to come to Canada they would instantly become the one of the most popular bands in the history of NMFT. They are extremely energetic live and can really interact with and charm the pants off audience. Also they would be really fun to hang out with on the 10 day duration of the tour, unlike a few bands I’ve invited in the past (won’t mention names).
The live houses aren’t really that restrictive, it’s more of the live houses making a stance against video/audio recordings on behalf of the artists/bands. The bands don’t permit fans from taking videos in order to combat piracy and limit the amount of low quality video footage available on-line that might give viewers a negative impression. As to why bands don’t take decent footage on their own and post it online, there are many bands that do but even more that can’t afford it I guess. Also, they’re not too bright when it comes to self-promotion and don’t realize having video would help potential fans develop interest in a band they’ve never seen before. Most people wouldn’t go see a show to see a band they don’t know anything about. I’m perplexed too.

@Chris: Chiemi left MOTFD shortly after NMFT2 in 2010 and the band broke up a few months later. There were rumors of the band getting together with the original all-female line-up but that won’t happen. (You do know they were already part of NMFT during vol 2 I hope)

OMG i know there’s probably no chance in hell, but what the heck… i’d give some vital organs to see these 2: PIANO ZOMBIE and OGRE YOU ASSHOLE. Want a kidney?
oh and i’m not even in Canada… i wish the US had this kind of thing going!!!!

tricot and rega ! I’d love to see them in Montreal. Very good ideas!
I understand the cost for a band like 凛として時雨…
Can you consider bringing bands like HaKU, blgtz, indigo la End ?
And I missed ZAZEN BOYS and きのこ帝国 so you’re pleased to bring them again haha ! ;D

@Alyoma: you’re about the 2nd or third person who has requested PIANOZOMBIE over the last 4 years. I don’t really know much about this band but they look post-visual kei (i.e. visual kei-ish but more progressive musically and less unorthodox in style). Not really my cup of tea to tell you the truth but they make decent, catchy music. If I were you I’d lobby the various anime conventions to try to bring them over since they tend to like bands like PIANOZOBIE. OYA toured US and Canada with Wolf Parade 3 years ago. For me the problem with Ogre is that they try too much to sound like regular US/UK indie bands like Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys etc. For the NMFT tour I try to bring bands that are doing something new and creative or are at least distinctly Japanese without being gimmicky. You could email OYA though to see if they are willing to tour the US again. I’m sure they have a reasonable fanbase in N America and if they buddied up with reasonably popular local acts it would work. Thanks for your comments!!

@Jimmy I guess you prefer rega over jizue? tricot may actually take part in NMFT6 but they need time to think it over before committing. Assuming tricot does join, jizue and rega would love to take part in NMFT6 and I would have to decide between the two or maybe hyacca as the 4th band to finalize the line-up.
HaKU always seemed to me like a 凛として wannabe-band with more mainstream appeal but yeah, I guess it would be a helluva lot cheaper. haha. blgtz is alright but I’m not a huge fan. Also he doesn’t really seem to do shows that often anymore.
indigo la End are decent but their sound is a bit too generic post-rock/emo. They are considered an “it” band by Space shower TV along with tricot, White Ash and グッドモーニングアメリカ as they were picked to play at Retsuden this year but Happy!Mari who were the opening act at Retsuden blow them all away as an innovative band with a fresh sound and great stage presence. Kinoko will be back in October if I do the tour twice next year.

Yes, I prefer rega over jizue. Actually, I think rega is my favorite instrumental band (with té and LITE… and mudy on the 昨晩).
Haha I really love HaKU, I think they aren’t just a “凛として wannabe-band with more mainstream appeal”. :p
Ok ok. Do you know the other band of indigo’s singer named ゲスの極み乙女。? Really good, very innovative (you seem to love innovative band) imo.
Good! (for Kinoko)
LOSTAGE, THE NOVEMBERS, any chance to bring them ?
I also love caroline rocks and the cabs but both announced disbandment. I thought maybe you know new projects from members of those band ?

Line-up sounds alright so far. I’m liking how Happi Mari and Jizue sound. I’m listening to a lot of Tricot recently so that’s probably the group I’m looking forward to most atm. I’m not into group_inou but maybe seeing them live will change my opinion (missed NMFT4)…

As for the other suggestions, I’d like to see THE NOVEMBERS or Akai Koen.

I’d make my own suggestions like イツエ, ハルカトミユキ or クリープハイプ but I don’t think that kinda music is your cup of tea/NMFT suitable. 😐


@Jimmy: thanks for your honest opinion of rega over jizue. I’ll keep it in mind. I saw ゲスの極み乙女 in July at Tusukuba Rock Fes. They were pretty good. I didn’t know the singer was fom indigo la End. Someone also told me microcosm’s drummer plays for ゲスの極み乙女 but I’m not sure if that’s true. LOSTAGE are okay but similar to SuiseiNoboAz they play straightforward hard rock that doesn’t distinguish them much from N American music aside from the fact the lrics are in Japanese. Kinoko Teikoku’s manager has been pushing me to invite The NOVEMBERS. They’re also my friend Vish’s favorite band. They’re okay but not high on my list of candidates. The ex-drummer from the cabs is now in a new band called peelingwards. The ex-bassist of the cabs still plays with keytalk.

@Timothy: group_inou are ridiculously awesome live and their music is much more creative/sophisticated than 95% of electronic/IDM out today. Another vote for THE NOVEMNERS. Is their manager secretly bribing Canadians? lol. Well, the Novembers really want to come and I could easily bring them but unfortunately there are alot more bands higher on the list. I’ve only seen them play live once 3 years ago. Maybe I should see them again. イツエ, Haruka & Miuyki and creephype are popular with alot of NMFT fans. You’re right they’re not quite in line with NMFT but if enough people who contribute/help out with NMFT request them I can give them consideration.

PIANOZOMBIE: may remind you of visual kei because of ホネヌキマン but アキパンマン brings in the distinct punk edge and vision… yeah it’s time for another 弾けなくて album anyway, none since 2011 is getting a little worrisome. Geboku recovered after surgery, time to get back to work. Anime convention is an interesting idea, though i haven’t been to one yet…
OYA has changed since you heard them. I assume you haven’t heard last 2 albums (homely and 100 nengo) where they changed enough to piss off a lot of old fans. I’ve been using every excuse to order their albums (as it’s the only thing i can do for the band right now) have multiple copies so i’d gladly send you both if you let me know where. Takashi (the drummer) did confirm they want to tour the west coast but not soon — may be in 2 years or so… i’ve been already doing the 2 things you suggested (email and looking for a local band to team up with) so with quite a bit of luck, maybe…

Yeah! I love 百蚊!!
and I recommend you this band “白痴(hakuchi)”.
I think there is a connection “白痴(hakuchi)” between 百蚊. Because “白痴(hakuchi)” and 百蚊’s hometown are very near, and the 百蚊’s basist has a music pub in Fukuoka that 白痴(hakuchi) has been to.
It’s awesome.

and I really want to recommend you “大森靖子(Seiko Omori)”.
She is cool, cute, and beautiful.
I can’t explain how she is awesome.

this is her band.

@Meiko: yabai!白痴 are pretty awesome. Thanks for the recommendation!!
I have seen Omori Seiko perform live before. I think it would be difficult for Canadians to fully appreciate her since lyrics are her forte. I haven’t seen her with THEピンクトカレフ yet so I’ll chck them out if I can. Thanks again!

I’m so glad to see your “yabai!”!!
I want to show you many Japanese musician regardless of this tour! hahaha
I really want to see 白痴 in Canada! Onegaisimasu!

Oh! You’ve seen her live before! It’s yabai!!
and that you said might be true.
but I don’t know who is fitting this title except her, I think “She is the next music.”
I hope you could go to her band’s live. ^-^

By Sergeminator on November 18th, 2013 at 6:01 pm

Duuuude, how could you let go Tricot! they are the best next thing! hope you can work out that deal again, it would be great to see them.

Have you heard Taffy?

I also recommend Shishamo:

Let me know what you think! and thanks as usual for all your hardwork bringing these awesome bands to Toronto 😀

downy ?

Any chance Mouse on the Keys will be back soon?

Any vague ideas on which days in May the NMFT6 tour will take place? =) Really wanna make sure I can keep that night available!

@Chris: I’d like to bring hyacca back soon.

@Kevin: Thanks. Uchu Combini will be on an NMFT roster at some point.

@Georgina: The NMFT tour wll be:
May 16: Toronto @ Rivoli
May 17: Toronto @ Lee’s Palace or Adelaide Hall
May 19: Montreal @ Divan Orange
May 21: Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret

Georgina, your photos last year were phenomenal! I hope you can takes some for us again!
By the way what camera, lens and settings did you use?

Get Oomori Seiko! She’s becoming an underground hit in Japan right now – mostly in the indie scene, but with good reason.


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Information on buying advance tickets online and at local record stores will be made available soon.

Click here for show info: Oct 6 Toronto @ Tranzac Club, Oct 7 Toronto @ Lee's Palace, Oct 8 Montreal @ Divan Orange, Oct 11 Vancouver @ KW Studios.

The line-up for NMFT 11 is JYOCHO, Nuito, o'summer vacation, Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu, and Koutei Camera Girl Drei.

The Taupe will reign supreme at NMFT10

May 7, 2017
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arigarnon friends at NMFT10

May 2, 2017
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Tokyo Modal Soul (The Rebirth of..)

January 2, 2017
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City Po(o)p

October 24, 2016
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