Maps’n Jazz and Common Para-Medics

By admin • September 4th, 2013

Two of my all-time favorite bands hail from Chi-town: caP’n Jazz and Maps & Atlases… oh.. and one of my fave emcees: Mr. “I stand out like a n*gga on a hockey team” aka Common.

A frequent occurrence in my life is the discovery of a great band and the misfortune of having just missed seeing them play live in my backyard. (This sh*t happens to me a lot in Japan too when I find out about a band at the end of my trip.) The Para-Medics are a band from Chicago whom I serendipitously discovered yesterday on Youtube and it just so happens they were very recently in town playing the final ‘A Mountain Far Fest‘ at Soybomb HQ which is just a 7 min walk from where I live.


(Although in my defense I was having a kickass time playing full court bball at Moss Park so it wasn’t like I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs wishing there were a dope show to check)

These guys will shred your favorite band’s skill set into superstring cheese to utilize as fodder for the seriously outclassed.

You can download their album for a measly $3 right here! (note: if you’re nice you can pay more than the minimum $3. I actually gave $5.)

And the side-project by the drummer and bassist is tongue-in-cheek slapstick but drops some subtly dope punchlines if you take the time to listen (beats are wack as 0七二 though!!)

Between Tad‘s ‘Burn Down the Capital‘ events and shows at Soybomb HQ, Toronto’s starting to develop a sweet underground music scene of its own. Who knows, maybe a few years from now I’ll be doing Next Music from Toronto in Sapporo, Tokyo and Osaka. hahaha.

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Steve – have you ever checked out Giraffes? Giraffes!

I discovered these guys a few months ago and I really enjoy their stuff.

I downloaded the albums Pink Magick and More Skin With Milk-Mouth from their bandcamp site:

Both albums are quite good.

I saw them live in Toronto at the Rivoli in June. They were playing with Damo Suzuki, Perhaps, and The Bulletproof Tiger. Giraffes? Giraffes! were amazing live.

The Bulletproof Tiger is a band that you might be interested as well:

Did you hear that And So I Watch You From Afar are playing the Horseshoe in November? This Town Needs Guns is also on the bill and they are pretty decent:

@Geoff Haha! I thought you despised rock of the mathematical variety. A few years back I was in a phase where I was only listening to bands like Maps & Atlases, adebisi shank, ASIWYFA, tubelord, meet me in st. louis etc. I tended to like bands that played around with time signatures and complex instrumentations yet retained a lot of melody and pop sensibility instead of bands that noodled off on a chaotic tangent with minimal structure. I definitely *cough* downloaded *cough* Giraffes? Giraffes! stuff back then but didn’t listen to them as much. They seem pretty cool live though based on the YT links I checked.
I saw Bulletproof Tiger play at Parts & Labour with SSRIS 2 years ago. They’re okay. SSRIS’s (R.I.P. reborn as SPRING) are more my cup of tea though.
I get alerts on FB regarding ASIWYFA tours so I know about the show but thanks for making sure in case I didn’t. I guess we should go to the toe, Melt Banana and ASIWYFA/TTNG shows together.

Oh yeah, Rolo Tomassi are playing in Tokyo at Shibuya Kinoto with the Mornings and Qomolangma Tomato on Sept 17. That’s going to be a CRAZY show but it conflicts with artless note / mother coat / H Mountains at Goodman. And I’m sorta interested in an all-girl band called ミケトロイズ who are playing at Basement Bar since they were the band that inspired Skirt no Naka to form a band. (they’re not that good but I’ve wanted to see them play live at least once and this is the first time they’ve scheduled a show while I’m in a Japan). Not sure what I’m going to do on the 17th but will probably watch ミケトロイズ since they’re likely to go on early and head to Kinoto since it’s relatively close. Akihabara’s too far in relation but Artless Note and mothercoat are two of my fave bands.

lol. I wouldn’t call myself a complete convert……..but I have definitely warmed to a few bands in the genre (i.e. G?G!). I can admire the technical ability of a band such as Bulletproof Tiger, however, their music still doesn’t really do anything for me. It all depends on the band.

I’m down with going to the toe, Melt Banana, and ASIWYFA/TTNG shows.

Rolo Tomassi are pretty great. Thanks for posting that. Never heard of them before. I envy the fact that you have such difficult decisions to make on the 17th!

Any thought about checking out Kagero with about tess and uhnellys on the 18th at Shelter? They are badass live and you really should try to catch them sometime. They do seem to play quite often though…so there is probably always another time.


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