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By admin • June 8th, 2016

LEES group

Shooting a group photo of the band with the audience is a tradition we started with NMFT vol 4. It’s an idea I stole from Chatmonchy (LOL!) who used to do this at the end of every show and they’d post the photo on their blog for fans to see. No-one else was doing this routinely at the time and I thought it would make a great interactive memento for both the bands and the fans. (now bands in Japan do this all the time and I’m thinking… “hey they f*cking stole my idea!! …which I stole from Chatmonchy.” hahaha.
When we first started these shoots, my good friend Larry Yuan was the photographer. He took some AMAZING shots including the ones with group_inou and mouse on the keys which are two of my favorite photos.
Then during nmft vol6, my right-hand-man Bryan Wong-Lim started shooting the audience photos. Whereas Larry took great stylistic shots focusing on the band, Bryan used a larger aperture lens so that more of the audience would be in focus.
I’m sure fans who weren’t in the first two rows appreciated Bryan for not blurring them out from the depth of field.
His photos of the audience with Chi-na Happy!Mari show great reactions from both the bands AND most of the audience.

This year, Kevin Leung came on-board as the chief photographer. He documented the Toronto and Montreal leg of the tour with some jaw-dropping photos of the bands on and off-stage (click on his hyperlinked name and you will sh*t your pants at the gorgeous photos). Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Kevin about the band/audience photos so he had to do the best he could with a smaller f-stop lens and sh*ttier lighting than we’ve had in the past. If he helps with photos on the next tour (NMFT9!!) in October, he’ll be prepared to get the sickest shots ever of the bands with audience.

And now without further adieu, here are the group photos from NMFT8:

2016.05.21 LEE’S PALACE
Photos by Kevin Leung

LEES regal lily

Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu @ Lee's Palace

Dalljub Step Club @ Lee's Palace

LEES motfd


2016.05.23 DIVAN ORANGE
photos by Kevin Leung

DIVAN dalljub

DIVAN regal lily

Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu @ Divan Orange



photos by Bryan Wong-Lim

NENGU @ Biltmore Cabaret

Regal Lily @ Biltmore Cabaret

Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu @ Biltmore Cabaret

Dalljub Step Club @ Biltmore Cabaret
alternate #1 alternate #2

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs @ Biltmore Cabaret

***** Check out Kevin Leung’s website !!! (More awesome photos of NMFT8 and other cool sh*t!!) and follow him on twitter!!

Bryan has twitter too!! Follow him!!
And for f*ck’s sake follow NMFT on twitter to help this tour grow into something even more kickass!!

More posts to come!! Will recap each of the NMFT8 shows with sick photos and videos!!
And the next tour (NMFT vol 9) is in 4 months!!! October 7-12!!! Don’t miss it!!

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Thanks again for makin’ it happen! This was my first NMFT show, and now I’m eagerly looking forward to October. Next Music from Tokyo is not to be missed for anyone who loves discovering new music and seeing good-ass live music.


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