Oshikiri, Kenta        (Guitar, Vocals)

Nakano, Maki          (Drums)

Support Members
Guitar/Chorus: Hirotsuku “WAKA” Fujiwara
Bass/Chorus: Yusuke Bawa

Official Homepage

susquatch play smooth jazzy melodic compositions furnished
with aggressive drumming and intricate guitar work to add
a forceful edge. In fact, Maki’s powerfully adept drumming
alone is worth the price of admission.
The origin of the band name stems from Kenta’s childhood
friend who grew up in Saskatchewan, as well as a
penchant for the Darkstalkers video game character.
The misspelling is intended to intrigue with its peculiarity.

Virtually all of susquatch’s songs have English song titles.
On casual listen, the lyrics also appear to be sung in English.
However, the songs are written neither in English nor Japanese
but in Kenta’s unique indecipherable lexicon.
Thankfully, descriptions of the imagery behind each song
accompany the CDs. But susquatch’s music is proof that “knowing the words”
isn’t always necessary to grasp the emotional impact of a song.
The sublime vocal melodies, lush arrangements and dazzling guitar-work
are enough to transcend the language barrier… on all sides