Miyata Wataru (Ba)           Hada Masaya (Dr)          Kobara Sae (Vo)             Hino Tetsuya (Gt)

Miyata Wataru (Ba)        Hada Masaya (Dr)      Kobara Sae (Vo)          Hino Tetsuya (Gt)

Miyata WataruKobaraTetsuya

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otori WAVE NO to gimmicks, posturing and crossover appeal.
Their furious blend of noise/HC, no-wave, and krautrock with passionately crooned and screamed female vocals combine
for a uniquely fresh and powerful sound. The music takes the repetitive drive of Krautrock flashing in alien-like guitar tones
with complex drumlines and the anything goes, experimental nature of no-wave and spruce it up further with the larger than life,
demonic intensity of Kobara Sae’s growled vocals and sinister stage presence.
If some people have felt Next Music from Tokyo was getting a bit too mainstream/accessible (I argue not!) then
otori will bring the gritty underground atmosphere back in full force. Rejoice!!

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