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Nagoya has a reputation for being the most boring city in Japan.
Well cococo and Tsuyame have a message for those who feel that way:

Besides delicious regional cuisine based on red miso (misokatsu, miso nikomi udon) and cochin chicken (sashimi, tebasaki),
Nagoya is also known for having a well-established underground music scene especially when it comes to punk/HC/power-violence/thrash
and math/emo due to the city being homebase for stiff slack Records.

More recently, Nagoya’s ultra-quirky music/film/design label Codomomental Inc has taken the underground idol scene by storm with
its ‘yami kawaii'(‘dark/twisted cute’) unit Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da and screamo sister act, Yukueshirezutsurezure.

After the punk antics of B.I.S kick-started the alt-idol movement and BABYMETAL became a worldwide phenomenon fusing idol music with heavy metal,
dozens of new idol groups followed suit in a copycat manner. Almost all of these idol groups used generic sounding metal
and hard rock as the basis for their instrumentals with the only difference being a competition over whose mosh parts sounded heavier.
Thankfully, Codomomental threw a monkey wrench into that machine and created Yukueshirezutsurezure.

Yukueshirezutsurezure (YSTZ) debuted with a sound much closer to metal-tinged emo/HC featuring passionately screamed vocals and
a dash of EDM for variety and danceability. Their music felt earnest and soulful with similarities to screamo, post-rock legends envy.
Unfortunately the music on subsequent releases devolved towards the cheesier side of metal with less emo, less hardcore
and a sound akin to Linkin Park meets Babymetal, although the screamed vocals sounded better than ever.
However, despite the music’s change in tone one fact remained immutable: YSTZ know how to tear it up with a live performance that will melt your face off.
In Japan, YSTZ’s great stage presence is magnified by the degree of passion, creativity and engagement shown by
their unique legion of fans known as the ‘Gunjou’ (ultramarine). Non-stop stagediving, crowdsurfing, moshing and
entire-audience-synchronized-headbanging at an energy level that must be seen to be believed.

All four members of YSTZ kill it on stage but Shidare particularly impresses with her stage diving and
the devastating intensity of her ear-shattering screams. Hopefully, a few members of Gunjo make the trek to Canada from Japan to
teach us how to get down ultramarine style. When resources are available, YSTZ occasionally plays with a support band to
really beef up their already formidable sound. If possible, The Taupe or Bakyun the everyday may be able to play as YSTZ’s
back-up band for a few songs on the NMFT tour. But even without the Gunjou or a band performing behind them
Yukueshirezutsurezure will incinerate, wreak havoc and go supernova in Canada.

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