Bakyun the everyday

Nobumi Nanamure (Guitar/Vocals)

Yuji Ino (Guitar/Vocals)

Nobumi’s twitter
Yuji’s Twitter

Bakyun the everyday is a 4pc rock band that plays melodic pop-punk of the pleasantly dreamy variety
before switching gears into ultra-fast, ultra-loud mayhem. Nobumi and Yuji are the two remaining original members
both of whom sing and play guitar while a rotating cast of friends fill in on bass and drums.
I’m guessing the original drummer was responsible for running the band’s website because after he left
the homepage disappeared soon after.
Bakyun the everyday is still a very young band but they had some success making it to the finals
of a prestigious battle of the bands held by Space Shower TV (Japan’s version of MTV).
Their music is straightforward pop-punk in the vein of Cloud Nothings but Yuji also plays guitar
for emo/math rock band Arigarnon Friends (ex-PENs+) and he flexes similar guitar wizardry on occasion
during Bakyun’s performances.
Nobumi will never be accused of having perfect pitch but the fact she tries her best with such emotion,
missed notes and all, is what gives her singing a degree of charm. Bakyun the everyday is a fun band to watch live and
surprisingly badass when they go full throttle.

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