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Nuito is a 3-pc instrumental rock band from Kyoto who were too ahead of their time
so they went on a 7 year hiatus for the rest of the music world to catch up.
Although the band consists of three members, Nuito is actually the brainchild of one person:
guitarist, songwriting virtuoso Keiichiro Hirai who writes all of the songs in their entirety.
Like most geniuses, Hirai is quite the eccentric. He actually hates playing guitar and finds songwriting
a supreme pain in the ass. Lucky for us he recognizes what he excels at and shares his genius
despite the resultant agony and boredom.

Nuito is often referred to as the Japanese Tera Melos. Although Nuito formed in 2002 before Tera Melos (2004),
the influence Tera Melos’ earlier material e.g. “Drugs to the Dear Youth” must have had on Nuito before they
recorded their sole studio album “Unutella” is difficult to ignore. However, the Japanese are known to
take foreign ideas and greatly improve on them. Whether you consider it an improvement or not,
Nuito take Tera Melos’ penchant for frequent and abrupt tempo and time signature changes to absurd extremes.
Whereas, Tera Melos has punk/HC at its roots the effects of which can be felt from subtle to obvious,
Nuito is more blatantly prog. Tera Melos’ earliest material is definitely glorious in its chaos and unpredictability
but their songs would always have some degree of catchiness and extended moments of melodic structure.
Nuito, on the other hand give a big middle finger to any semblance of pop sensibility and dare you to
tolerate the unnerving, unrelenting, borderline obnoxious levels of unpredictability and wtf-dom being
shoved down your throat.
Tera Melos has mellowed their sound quite drastically in recent years. If you yearn for the Tera Melos of old,
then the rebirth of Nuito is Tera Melos circa 2007 on a f*ck-ton of steroids.

Before resuming activity last year, the legend of Nuito was almost like an urban math-rock myth.
A band that came out of nowhere to release a genuine masterpiece (Unutella) in 2009 before calling it quits
the very same year. Although some would shrug them off as Tera Melos rip-offs, most math-rock heads in countries
around the world marvelled at Unutella and what seemed like the pinnacle of songwriting complexity and instrumental dexterity.
Although Japanese bands like toe and LITE became math rock royalty, in the backs of people’s minds…
at least those privy to the legend of Nuito… there are people who always wondered “What if…?”

In October, Nuito will come to Canada and show North Americans why some people consider them the greatest math rock band in Japan, if not the world.

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