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In 2013, Daijiro Nakagawa’s first band, Uchu Conbini, took the world by surprise with their sublimely crafted math-pop.
Their music was incredibly soulful, with a clean sound and jaw-dropping instrumentation.
Uchu Combini would gather a cult following not just in Japan but around the world on the strength of three
music videos that beautifully portrayed their grace, emotion and masterful skill on Youtube.

In 2014, Uchu Combini dazzled and won the hearts of Canadian audiences as part of Next Music from Tokyo vol 6.

Absolutely destined for greatness, Uchu Conbini surprised the world again when they abruptly
disbanded in early 2015. Such a short career with a seemingly perfect balance of just about everything,
Uchu Conbini were the type of band that comes along once in a lifetime and their break-up was
profoundly saddening for many.

In 2016, Daijiro Nakagawa who wrote all of Uchu Conbini’s music started a solo project called JYOCHO.
He composed songs combining guitar, bass, drums, flute and vocals all by himself and recruited his most talented
musician friends to perform them as a band. JYOCHO took the soul, emotion and phenomenally intricate guitars of
Uchu Conbini and added even more powerful and intricate drumming, improved bass lines and an additional melodic dimension
and atmosphere created by the flute. Rionos’ vocals sounded eerily similar to EmiChocho (Uchu Conbini) but with
greater confidence and clarity. JYOCHO’s mini album 「祈りでは届かない距離」(Inori dewa todokanai kyori; tr. A distance not reached by prayer)
was unequivocally one of the finest releases of 2016.

Of course JYOCHO was a shoe-in for the Next Music from Tokyo tours last year but Daijiro has the worst luck with
female vocalists and Rionos refused to do any live performances… not just in Canada but in Japan as well.
That’s correct. Although JYOCHO has been around for over a year, they have yet to perform a live show.
The good news is Daijiro has found a new singer: the charismatic, beautiful and talented Keiko Kobayashi
of the band heliotrope (one of my favorite bands!!) who also goes by Nekota Netako (her stage name when she performs solo).

Um.. waitaminute! I’ve been trying to get heliotrope on the NMFT tour the last three years
but have been unsuccessful because each member, including Keiko Kobayashi, can’t get enough time off work.
So the curse of Daijiro and female vocalists strikes again… BUT I have waited way too damn long to
bring Daijiro and his music back to Canada so JYOCHO will perform their very first live show
in Toronto on Oct 6, 2017. (World premiere!!!!). Nekota will sing for JYOCHO in Toronto (Oct 6+7)
and Montreal (Oct 8) but has to return to Tokyo right away as she is only allowed to miss three days off work.

Nekota will not sing for JYOCHO in Vancouver….
Anisonin of 午前3時と退屈 (Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu) is already learning JYOCHO’s songs and she will
be the vocalist for the Vancouver show on October 11.

Daijiro Nakagawa is a true songwriting genius and an immense talent on guitar.
His first band Uchu Conbini was a one-of-a-kind treasure that lasted a fleeting moment
but he’s set to take fans on a new journey with JYOCHO and it all kicks off in Toronto on October 6, 2017.

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