Ame to Kanmuri


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molm'o'mol was an original member of and the resident DJ for Koutei Camera Girl.  She initially wanted to rap and perform music with Tapestok Records in a more serious manner but found herself pushed into being part of an idol group.  After two years with Koutei Camera Girl she felt it was time to divorce herself from idol culture and focus on a more earnest solo career.

After Koutei Camera Girl Zwei disbanded she remained with Tapestok Records but took her music in a new direction under the name あめとかんむり (ame to kanmuri).  She now DJs and raps over lo-fi house instrumentals produced by a team of beatsmiths, most notably Masayuki Kubo

The song 'Amsterdam Butterfly' off Koutei Camera Girl Zwei's final album was a solo track by molm'o'mol that served as a preview of what to expect with ame to kanmuri.