All hail the beard

It was upsetting having to cancel the tour so abruptly.But I'm also relieved to finally have some free time to just relax... or catch a show. Last night I was actually lying in bed with a gut feeling there was some place awesome I needed to be. Then at midnight it hit me... MAPS & ATLASES were playing at the Horseshoe!!!!!! Goddamnit! I booted it over to the Tavern. Luckily I only live 2 min away and Maps & Atlases were only 2 songs into their set. The Horseshoe Tavern was only about half full which is sad since Maps are one of the greatest bands on the planet. The crowd reaction was also wimpy. We made noise after each song but there could have been more energy, dancing, movement and shouts of encouragement as the band played. Show this amazing band the love it deserves, Toronto! As predicted the setlist consisted mostly of songs off Perch Patchwork. They also played a few songs off "You, Me.." like "Witch" "Artichokes" "Ted Zancha" and only "The Sounds They Make" and "Every Place is a House" off my fave ep. No pics or video since I booted it out of the apartment straight to the show. I talked to Chris after the show and asked if most of the songs off "Trees, Swallows.." are now in retirement. Luckily, he answered that isn't the case. It's just a matter of relearning them if they do decide to play more of the older songs for a set. I told him that my life wouldn't be complete until I saw "Stories About Ourselves" and ".. Tin Cans" performed live at least once before kicking the most trustworthies. I'm sure the band must hate getting numerous requests to play older material. I love all their releases but "Trees.." is still the pinnacle and masterpiece. After the show I saw Dave's beard signing autographs, drinking some IPA and then get into a fight with the bouncer before Dave arrived, restrained and reattached his furry friend.