The tour with 9 lives.

Three days ago I pulled the plug on this tour but I never realized it had its own reserve energy supply.It turns out that airfare costs drop substantially in the 3rd week of October.

Return tickets from Tokyo to Vancouver are even cheaper. And if combined with:

Then tickets should be in the $1500 range or less. Though it says prices subject to change and that surcharges will be added so I don't know what the actual cost will be. However things look much more promising. BUT the unfortunate thing is I already cancelled the Biltmore Cabaret booking in Vancouver on Oct 14. Hopefully I get it back. Also, I'll have to find new venues for Toronto and Montreal and I am running out of time. (It's best to book venues at least 3 mos in advance).

So if we re-arrange the schedule and have the bands play in Vancouver first and then hit Toronto and Montreal, the tour may have a chance at continuing on.

Hurdles: 1. If we lose the Biltmore Cabaret, the tour is fucked! Vancouver has very few places to play shows and without Biltmore on the 14th it'll be almost impossible to find an adequate replacement. 2. I need to find new venues in Toronto and Montreal ASAP. It's likely I can change the Velvet Underground Booking to the following Saturday on Oct 16. There's a good chance I can do an all-ages show at Whippersnapper gallery again on the 17th. Hopefully Club Lambi in Montreal is still available on Oct 19.

The tour is not back on for sure but I am giving the bands another chance and if airfare is reasonable we can proceed to challenge the aforementioned hurdles. I seriously am not trying to toy with the hearts of people who read this blog or follow the tour. I was actually looking forward to relaxing without this albatross of a tour looming above but it would be a shame not to have these great musicians come to Canada. Wish us luck! And better yet, help us out on tour!!!!