Miya (aka Suke B)


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SLAPPIN' da Baaaaass Mon. Miya's skills on bass are perverse. I guess that's why her nickname was Suke B (sukebe = pervert). And her lungs were tailor-made for screaming. Her vocal cords must look like string cheese by now. She's really calm and polite in person though. I actually sat with 385 and Go!Go!7188 during an uchiage at Shinjuku LOFT. I invited 385 to come to Canada on a future tour. They were actually considered for vol 2 but they don't have much of a discography yet (7-8 songs max) and they're based out of Okinawa (though I think they relocated to Tokyo.) Anyways, Miya and 385 should make some noise under the guidance of Mariko Goto (ミドリ).