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Gacharic Spin

Okay. I know what you're thinking. Am I out of my f*cking mind?!!
Well let me tell you brah. As corny as THE PINK★PANDA sounded on CD. They were the muh fuh bees knees live, biyatch. As far as I know, THE PINK★PANDA were a manufactured idol group ala Morning Musume or AKB48 or the Spice Girls for you Jpop impaired. They even had their own gravure books (photobooks of them in underwear, bikinis etc) But the difference was these girls could actually play instruments. Well at least Koga (Ba), Rina (Gt) and NANA-A. Though Maya has a voice that would make William Hung cringe, she had more charisma on stage than Mick Jagger and James Brown combined. Hyperbole much? Okay a bit of an exaggeration but what she lacked in vocal talent she made up for with stage presence in spades. THE PINK★PANDA toured back and forth Japan and played in every shithole of a club honing their chops and stagemanship. Their attire was pure Velveeta and they were about as punk as Avril Lavigne or this dipsh*t but they tore the crowd a new asshole whenever they perfromed on stage.

Okay this post is supposed to be about Koga F Chopper. And if you still don't believe she has chops, get a load of this badassery:

I love how she threw in the harmonics at 2:00. So she's gone from posing in inane bikini films to creating instructional videos for girls wanting to learn bass. I'd say that's great unless you're a pedophile into inane bikini films.

THE PINK★PANDA broke up on signing to a major label (I went to their final gig. haha.) and continued on as BLiSTAR It's hilarious that Koga left the band b/c she didn't like the overtly "pop" direction the band was headed in. She wanted a band with more integrity and an edgier sound....

so she forms this monstrosity:

(note: the drummer in this band is actually EXTREMELY talented. She has her own instructional video. And she's got a supergeek cuteness to her.)

At the same time BLiSTAR have toned down the gawdiness and are making semi-respectable music:

albeit with PVs with extra cheese. (NANA-A needs a spot in the dope drummer thread).

NEhow. I think I now have -4.7 x 1025 street cred points after this ridiculous post. But F Koga Chopper is Les Claypool with boobs. And who would you rather watch in an inane bikini romp clip?