Neutral Boredom

I feel compelled to repent for my last post with some indie/underground goodness.Despite being totally swamped with organizing the tour (no thanks to all those who said they'd help but haven't done Bo Diddly!!) I plan on taking a short trip to Japan just before the Next Music from TOKYO tour. Why? 2 events. 4 words. Tokyo Boredom. Neutral Nation. Both on the same weekend.

    Those of you who have read the interview I did with Anusaya may remember that Tokyo Boredom was one of the main influences that spurred me into starting the whole Next Music from TOKYO tour.

    Tokyo Boredom is a recurring music festival featuring some of the best underground acts in Japan. Although the majority of bands fall in the post-punk/HC variety, the curators have no bias towards musical genre and have invited bands/artists who perform folk, hip hop, reggae/dub, bluegrass, basically anything heartfelt and creative. Tokyo Boredom is the brainchild of key members of the following bands: Worst Taste, tacobonds, bossston crusing mania and Groundcover. The concept behind the festival is that the barrier between band and audience is blurred to the level of nonexistence. It's a communal event where everyone is equal and all are encouraged to shed their insecurities and have fun. Here's an interview that Ian Martin did with the curators of Tokyo Boredom.

    And here are some clips of the 3 TB events I've been to (there have been 5 in total. So not bad given I live in Toronto!)

    Tokyo Boredom puts on the most unbelievably fun shows you can imagine (equalled only by Swan Song Council and some of Ian Martin's gigs). The upcoming event is 2 days long on Sept 25 & 26.


    割礼 / outside yoshino (f: eastern youth) / KIRIHITO / miscorner/c+llooqtortion / プラハデパート / 久土’N’茶谷 / worst taste / VELOCITYUT / BOSSSTON CRUIZING MANIA / DODDODO / 撃鉄 / ドラびでお / ゆーきゃん /GROUNDCOVER. / SIKASIKA / the mornings / シャムキャッツ / folk enough


    非常階段 / デラシネ / ふくろ / Limited Express (has gone?) / Alan Smithee’s MAD Universe / YOLZ IN THE SKY / owllights / のうしんとう / SuiseiNoboAz / tacobonds / HB / not great men / and Young… / FAR FRANCE / SUPER DUMB / s-explode /PASTAFASTA ‥and one more artist!!!

    The Mornings, Kirihito, Siamese Cats and Praha Depart will make for an awesome night on the 25th. But the bands I want to see most (Yolz in the Sky & Deracine) are playing on the 26th. As well as long-time faves FAR FRANCE (congrats!), SuiseiNoboAz and owllights whom I've seen numerous times. I have yet to see Yolz or Deracine perform even once so I am totally choked because I may end up going to this show on the 26th instead:

    What. The. Blood?





    are you kidding me? 80kidz, LITE, and De De Mouse should also be fun. Not to mention... uhnellys F*ck Yeah!!! They actually played at Tokyo Boredom last year:

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk with toe, Clammbon and nisennenmondai about coming to Canada. uhnellys hook me up! :)

    Tokyo Boredom and Neutral Nation is going to be mindblowing. Zankyo bands Perfect Piano Lesson, mudy on the 昨晩, texas pandaa, haisuinonasa, 3nd etc will be playing on the 23rd when I arrive in Tokyo.... BUT I'd much rather watch my friends Thai Kick Murph !!