Pocket Aces (pt1 ft Natsuko Miyamoto)

When it comes to Dope Female Bassists, you won't get a more attractive pair than:

In an unlikely pairing, MOTFD performed with BASE BALL BEAR during the latter's LIVE MATHEMATICS TOUR 09. The matchup isn't actually that surprising since both bands are signed to EMI (though at the time MOTFD were technically still with Avocado Records... which I'm sure is secretly owned by EMI). If you can read Japanese, you can read the interview EMI did with these sexy low end theorists. And here goes the next installment in the Dope Female Bassists series:

Natsuko Miyamoto



Natsuko aka Natsukon aka Nattchan is the ebullient leader of Mass Dre. Iconic for her style of playing barefoot in a frilly dress while captivating the crowd with her smile, ferocity and thunderous basslines. Many bassists in Japan use plectrums (which is somewhat taboo among bass playing purists). However, Natsuko really seems to wield and strum her bass like a 6-string axe. She played guitar before switching to bass and it appears her heart still longs for the missing eB. You can tell she loves performing in front of a crowd. She ended up in tears during motfd's first "one man" performance @ Shibuya QUATTRO. She may not have the technical skill of elite musicians but for her charisma and stagemanship alone she is one of the dopest female bassists around.