Pocket Aces (pt2 ft Shiori Sekine)


Base Ball Bear

and cult movie hit

Linda Linda Linda

Shiori セクシーね? I mean Sekine. hahaha. The first time I saw Shiori in Linda Linda Linda she looked rather Plain Jane. But in the blink of an eye she went from Ugly Betty to SI Swimsuit material. What I love most is how she plays bass or performs a ridiculously goofy dance with a completely deadpan countenance. She's poker face 99% of the time but once in a while she slips out the most beautiful smile and out of the myriad audience members I SWEAR that smile is directed at me... but I'm just a dumbass. Another plectrum user and once again she may not have elite chops but she can hold her own and I doubt Base Ball Bear would have even a single (straight) male fan if it weren't for her sublime dopeness.

Pocket aces and I'm all in.