BEASTS (pt1 ft Reiko Gotoh)



Reiko Gotoh! Where the hell are you? And why did you have to quit MOTFD? You were so badass. So damn powerful on skins I could marry you for your drumming prowess alone. =) Nothing against Isao Yoshino who is an amazing drummer but Reiko was a sexy BEAST. And it's a bit sketchy to call MOTFD the world's best female rock band when there's a Y chromosome lurking around. I remember riding the shinkansen between Osaka and Tokyo after watching a *cough*Chatmonchy*cough* concert. MOTFD's s/t ep had just come out and I must have listened to "delusionalism" and "ハイライト" back to back on my Ipod Nano 36 times in a row. I'd say my favorite part of MOTFD's entire discography is the intro to "ハイライト" as Reiko's bonecrushing drums kick in:

Akin to Ahito Inozawa in Number Girl, Reiko's furious barrage on drums laces each song with raw power. This article gives some insight into what caused Reiko to leave. Reiko, you may not be in MOTFD anymore but you are definitely one of the DOPEST female drummers around in my books.