Next Music from TOKYO vol 3? and 4?

Now I don't want to be counting chickens before they hatch, but assuming vol 2 goes well I have already thought about possible line-ups for the next 2 tours and most of the bands are already on-board. Volume 3 is tentatively scheduled for April 2011 because that's when ミドリ (Midori) prefers to come to Canada. Now I understand that most college/university students have final exams around that time but whatever Mariko Goto (Midori's legendary frontwoman) wants, Mariko gets. So I suggest you get a Doctor's note or study more earnestly ahead of time b/c you do NOT want to miss ミドリ for ANY reason. They put on one of the most violent, breathtaking and entertaining shows on earth and 99% of the mayhem is due to Mariko Goto. She makes GG Allin (R.I.P) and Henry Rollins look like the Proclaimers. Unfortunately, ミドリ is signed to Sony and their management removes Youtube footage of the band faster than you can say 'lawsuit' But you can read about their legendary shows here

Goto is one of the most confrontational and downright scary frontwomen in history — when she's not assaulting audience members she's scaling speaker stacks or bashing a mic into her own skull —

and here

"I don't really listen to punk or know too much about what constitutes Japanese punk," declares Mariko Goto. "That said, if we're going to categorize ourselves, I'd say we're a punk band. But the sort of punk we make is nostalgic and lonely. It's like a four-tatami room with just one door and one window; a very old, small, seedy apartment. And there's a bald, old guy sitting in there alone, screaming and screaming. That's punk to me."

Haha! That is pretty f^cking 'punk' to me too.

and finally here

“The difference with Osaka is that musicians start to perform before they know how to play their instruments,” explains Goto. “The music ends up sounding guchagucha (confused, messy), but it also has a natural, unproduced quality.”

“I’ve broken my little finger and had my ear bloodied like a pro wrestler,” notes Goto. “The audience actually gets off on seeing blood.”

To be honest, I've heard that Midori's live shows aren't as psychotic as they used to be. Mariko has retired her "seirafuku" (school uniform) and their shows may be quite different compared to when I saw them last. But even without the crazed stage antics, ミドリ's songs are powerful enough to stir any audience into a frenzy (um... a lighthearted, non-violent frenzy where noone gets hurt. .. .. .. too badly).

In addition to ミドリ, the plan is to invite: 凛として時雨 (Rin Toshite Shigure)



So far, it's only Midori, but I've talked to Pierre of Rin Toshite Shigure about the tour before and I plan to meet up with members of toe and Clammbon next week at Neutral Nation. Mariko Goto has also volunteered to help convince the other bands to participate... and I can't see anyone saying no to Mariko. hahaha. So vol 3 may be a ridiculously insane line-up of ALL-STAR bands.

BUT vol 4 may be just as good. Japanese bands aside, I thought to myself, which bands would I choose to create the most FUN concert imaginable. Off the top of my head, I'd say:

Matt & Kim:



F^cked Up:

Alright, so to trump that line-up, which bands from Japan would I choose?

Mowmow Lulu Gyaban:

the Mornings:


百蚊 (hyacca)


And the BIGGEST reason this line-up is GUARANTEED to be immensely fun is because Shinya of FAR FRANCE, Ponta, Junya and Shingo of the Mornings and Yutaka of SEBASTIAN X will be in the audience wreaking havoc!!!! These guys are legendary in Tokyo's scene for yelling, dancing, starting moshpits and breaking all sorts of records for stage-diving and crowd surfing.

Others to consider: 雅だよ雅 (masadayomasa)

嘘つきバービー (usotsuki barbie)

チャラン・ポ・ランタン (charan po rantan) (the only thing is Momo, the girl with the AMAZING voice carrying the plush pig is only 17 years old. She might not be allowed to perform at bars/clubs in Canada. You may laugh all you want about this band, but there is a HUGE underground buzz about this quirky and immensely entertaining duo +/- backing band.)

So nothing set in stone. But some sh^t hot bands on the horizon if I continue doing these tours. =)

Out of curiosity, who would you choose as: 1. the 4 best Japanese bands to bring to Canada (or wherever you live) ? 2. the 4-5 most fun bands to bring to Canada (or wherever you live) ?

Let me know in the comments section.