Can't wait to be bored to death.

Today is the music festival I've been waiting all year for: Tokyo Boredom. It's not so much about coming to watch individual bands but for musicians and fans to show solidarity and express mutual appreciation for each other in maintaining a vibrant and cohesive music scene. There are amazing bands but no rock star egos. Scene politics are thrown out the door. Musicians and non-musicians treat each other with the same level of respect and everyone is out to enjoy themselves in a peaceful yet not so hippie-sounding manner. hahaha. (there'll be plenty of friendly moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing. Kind of like a straightedge show minus the dogma, intent to injure, and finger-pointing. Ian Mackaye would be proud.)Speaking of guys named Ian, read Ian Martin's fantastic preview b/c he has much better command of the English lexicon and gets paid to connect pretty words together in a cohesive, thought provoking fashion. Japan Times Article 2010/9/17.

After Tokyo Boredom I might head over to my brother's place and hang out with his family. My nephew Lucas is hilariously cute:

Starting at 11pm and going all night till the trains stop running and then start up again at 6am is a show at Rinky Dink Studios in Ochanomizu. One of the coolest inst bands kuruucrew will be playing. Their cover of the Buzzcocks "Walking Distance" on the split w/ sajjanu was one of my favorite songs from 2009. (OMG! the f*cking bassline! Actually that whole split CD RULES!)

And if kuruucrew weren't enough Takehisa Ken of Kirihito has a side-project I've always been curious to see named: Umi no Yeah!! Kirihito absolutely rule live: And I'm sure Umi no Yeah!! will too for um.. other reasons:


I'm only going there to watch Umi no Yeah b/c I'm interested in the articles. hahaha. Tokyo Boredom is starting in an hour. Gotta go!!