uhnellys mêlée with Todd on CHARTattack

First of all congratulations to uhnellys for being invited to perform with some of the best Japanese bands/artists/DJs at Neutral Nation 2010 in Odaiba.I can't stress enough how their live performance is so much better than what you may hear on CD or preview on Youtube. (Noone's been able to document uhnellys at their best on the internet). Amazingly enough a journalist from Canada, Shawn Despres, reviewed uhnellys' performance at Neutral Nation for CHARTattack: uhnellys Set Prepares Them for North America He gave them a rating of 4/5 which is pretty good. But honestly, I was there at Neutral Nation and the crowd response to all the bands was rather anemic.

You guys are watching the almighty toe!! with a guest appearance by Ikuko Harada... WAKE THE F UP and show them some more LOVE!!

Compare Neutral Nation's crowd to Tokyo Boredom which was happening at the same time:

If uhnellys were performing at the livelier, more intimate Tokyo Boredom, Shawn Despres might have given them a 5/5.

Actually, I'm really happy Kim (uhnellys) sent me the CHARTattack link b/c for the last few months I've been wracking my brains trying to remember the name of a truly awesome singer/songwriter from Toronto. I discovered her by reading a magazine insert that profiled upcoming acts that wiould be performing at Dundas Square. I checked out her Myspace and watched her Youtube videos and it was instant LOVE. This was back in April and the 1st NMFT tour happened in May. My place was a mess after having the bands stay over and my computer crashed shortly after. I couldn't remember the name of the local artist nor could I find the magazine insert and my computer was FUBAR. I googled every combination of the words 'Toronto' 'female' 'singer' 'harp' 'punch own face' 'wacky' but to no avail. I also checked out what seemed like a googol (10100) of Toronto artist Myspace pages... but nada. And FINALLY months later I follow the CHARTattack link to the uhnellys article and the feature below is on some girl named Maylee Todd.

THAT'S IT!!!!!!!


Homepage Myspace

This girl is too awesome for words so let me show you some clips instead:

Sultry, soulfully sublime, AMAZING voice, F'd up craaaaazy personality but in the best manner possible, plays the harp, the guitar and the harptar. Maylee Todd and SSRIs are bringing the fun back to Canadian Music. I missed her performance at Dundas Square a few days ago but I'll definitely catch her Oct 26 at the Drake Hotel. By the way there's no such thing as a harptar. hahaha. Oh crap, actually there is !!