Indie Spotlight: LAGITAGIDA

Ootake Yasunori (Gt) (sajjanu; ex-Mahiruno) Yazawa Takayoshi (Dr) (sajjanu; ex-Green Milk from the Planet Orange) Kouno Takehito (Ba) (ex-Mahiruno; support-LUMINOUS ORANGE) Hasuo Masayuki (Key) (ex-School Food Punishment)


Since NATSUMEN have been relatively idle, it's up to a new band to carry the prog-rock torch. John Zorn faves sajjanu have been doing a masterful job, but Ootake and Yazawa thought why not change sh*t up with some other elite players and form another band on the side. So out of the ashes of Mahiruno, Green Milk from the Planet Orange and school food punishment arises LAGITAGIDA (aka LGT). Actually, school food punishment are still going strong but they might as well be dead seeing how badly they've started to SUCK) Basically we have some of the best musicians in Japan joining forces cooking up an experimental instrumental tour de force.

LGT vs fresh! = HOT DAMN!! I would have killed to see that show and at Shimokita THREE no less. But I did a spit take when I saw that LGT played a show with HALCALI. Shinsei Kamattechan I can sorta understand, but Halca and Yucali sharing the stage with LGT is rather bizarre. Just goes to show how shows are much more interesting and fun in Japan where all the bands on a given night can be completely different (which is what I try to do with Next Music from TOKYO). Actually, I used to looove HALCALI back when they were still with OTF. So hats off to HALCALI for maintaining some cred even though their label and management have tanked their career somewhat.

I'm definitely headed back to Japan in late December. Hopefully, LAGITAGIDA are playing some gigs around then. SWAN SONG COUNCIL !!!! That would be dope if they were on the bill. C'mon abouit tess, hook that sh*t up!! BTW, congrats to Kulu Kulu Garden on being invited to SWAN SONG 2010. I wonder how their show with mothercoat & the Mornings went? That's actually a rhetorical question b/c it was guaranteed to be off the meter on the ass kicking scale.

And finally, some more LGT: