Indie Week staff are GODS among mortals

The backline issue on Oct 17 is settled thanks to the kind people at Indie Week. Nothing but great words in describing my dealings with their staff. They're truly out there to help foster the indie music scene in Toronto and worldwide. It's refreshing to be able to deal with honest people who care more about the music than the profit margin. I hope they have a massively successful festival and we'll do our part to make the Japanese showcase a highly memorable one. Since I try to stick a video in every post, here is Spangle Call Lilli Line "Dreamer"

This version is not bad, but it's the remix I fell in love with:

My 2nd favorite song by SCLL next to "Lilli Disco"

I put both "Lilli Disco" and "dreamer (Other Arrange Ver)" on the playlists I'll be using as background music at our shows. =)