Last Music from Tokyo tour

The turnout at the Oct 14 Vancouver show was dismal in comparison to vol 1 in May (75 ppl vs 246). But the fans that did show up on Thursday were LOUD AS HELL and I really appreciated the fanfare they raised. I was busy videotaping most of the time, but when MOTFD started playing "Highlight" I put my camera away and singlehanded started a friendly mosh pit going and hoisted a fan up to get him crowd surfing. =)The show was streamed live and I hope some of you got to see the footage on Thursday.

However, my main complaint with the people who have been "supporting" the shows by attending is their reluctance or apathy in telling other people how much they enjoyed it, especially on the internet. During the first tour in May, the response to the bands' performances was overwhelmingly positive with most people claiming it was the best show they've seen in their lives. At the very least, they could not believe they could watch such an impressively high quality show for $10. Despite the glowing appraisal expressed at the events, documentation of such is almost nonexistent on the internet in the form of blog articles and comments on twitter/facebook/music forums etc. Aside for 3-4 comments on youtube, this is all that exists:

I am just a fan who spent $30000 of his money to put on the best tour he could. I have no connections in the Canadian music industry. Promotion is HUGELY dependent on word of mouth and despite me asking for help in this regard, almost noone who attended the shows in May was willing to spread the word. Ironically, the greatest support I received in promotion was from people who live in other countries that wouldn't be able to go to any of the shows (thanks Denise, one80 and all those that fall into this category!). Thanks to Adam W who tried his best by printing out a ton of flyers at his own expense and handing them out to people in the Lower Mainland. Thanks to Darren, Katt and Quynh for their help in chauffering the bands, buying them pizza and being incredibly supportive fans in general, (Adam, you fall into this category as well).

I've seen some chatter on forums reflecting the great show on Oct 14 in Vancouver, so thanks to you hotsw4p!

After the Vancouver show I'm thinking future tours are not worth the trouble. I don't think I've managed to accomplish much in terms of helping Japanese music receive recognition in Canada. My money would be better spent holding shows in Japan that help to promote its growth there first. I essentially have Midori, Rin Toshite Shigure, Sebastian X, the Mornings, Mowmow Lulu Gyaban on-board for the next 2 Canadian tours and uhnellys said Clammbon are also interested. But given the support (lack thereof) on a grassroots level I can't see myself putting myself through the stress and severe financial loss again.

I'm going to enjoy the next 3 shows as much as I can. (I've promised the bands I'll be dancing and starting moshpits from hereon out. Kim from uhnellys and Koji of sgt have promised to make sure I don't break my nexk stagediving tonight. hahaha). I was so deeply f*cking moved at how great the bands played on Thursday and the bands have already grown closer as a family. It's only been one show but an incredibly fun experience. It sucks that only uhnellys is allowed a sound check tonight, so the other bands won't sound nearly as good as they usually do. That shouldn't be a problem at the Velvet, however.

This vid is dedicated to Natsuko and Chiemi of MOTFD since we all love the following band: