Requisites for vol 3

The next tour is tentatively scheduled for late May 2011, but in order for it to happen more people need to get involved in helping me organize and promote it.As I wrote here, this tour has always been a grassroots, fan-driven project. So far, I've done almost all the work myself but I'm starting to burn out. Therefore, I want to create teams in each city (Van, Tor, Mtl) to help organize and promote the individual shows. These volunteers will help me: 1. design and distribute flyers/posters 2. PROMOTE (this will involve contacting radio stations, newspapers, university clubs, Japanese associations etc and spreading word about the tour).

Also, if you enjoyed any of the NMFT shows and want to show your appreciation, the best thing you can do for me is to somehow write about the tour on the internet. In fact, if you enjoyed performances by any of these bands: mothercoat / OWARIKARA / Kulu Kulu Garden / andymori / グーミ / sgt. / MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS / uhnellys / susquatch then please make a comment on any of their youtube videos. It will help a great deal in spreading word about the tour and the bands will be happy to hear from their fans.

So who's on the vol 3 tour? As mentioned, ミドリ can come in April, but not May (new album). I told Mariko, Canada's way too cold in April, so they're going to wait for a possible vol 4 in October. I've talked to Nakano Pierre in the past and the members of sgt. recently talked with Rin Toshite Shigure's manager on my behalf. They are definitely interested in the tour BUT sgt. mentioned that I might have to pay to bring their roadies and other staff as well. If that's true and they're non-negotiable on that stipulation then I can't invite RTS because it will cost too much.

For now, the line-up for vol 3 looks like:

MowMow LuLu Gyaban

Sebastian X

The Mornings

Plus 1-2 more bands. I'd love to bring nisennenmondai, Usotsuki Barbie, viridian, 雅だよ雅 or 百蚊. Nothing's set in stone and uhnellys said Clammbon may be interested which would make them the no-brainer headline act. sgt said they'd be happy to invite toe for me as well. I'm going to start emailing bands and getting confirmations hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I'll be in Japan Dec 10-Jan2 to meet with the bands and get started on organzing the tour. But if I don't get volunteers to help and if I don't see more reviews/personal accounts of the shows on blogs or Youtube then I have to assume that there is no sincere interest in having the NMFT tours continue. And if that's the case I can switch to organizing events in Japan to help out my favorite bands. It would save me a ton of money... and I get to enjoy more vacations in Japan.