Indie Spotlight: Merpeoples

オーノユカコ     Ouno Yukako aka Charlotte:     Guitar, Vocals 川井 絵理子     Kawai Eriko aka Rico:              Drums 芳賀 郁子         Haga Ikuko:                                Bass 鈴木 さやか      Suzuki Sayaka:                          Keyboards, Chorus

Merpeoples are a new-wave, indie-pop quartet of four wacky girls.
Myspace Interview with Japan Times

The first time I saw them live was at a show at Shimokita Club QUE. My friends sjue were playing along with the Cabs a few years ago during a Saturday matinee show. My impression of Merpeoples was... meh.. peoples. But I think that was only because they were just starting out and were a bit sloppy and nervous. They wore neon colored dresses and stockings and to me they seemed to be trying too hard while putting style over substance. I kind of felt sorry for them because they didn't get the warmest reception from the audience. But fast forward to October 2009 during Tokyo Boredom Drive to 2010.

Their songs have gotten trickier, the musicianship is much tighter and their confidence has developed a swagger. My impression of Merpeoples became... oh crap! they're not half bad. But I ended skipping part of their set to go next door to the main stage where Rumi & Skyfish were performing. My friend Ian on the other hand was enamoured by the 4 syrens and stayed to watch their set in its entirety. When I returned to the bar stage side of Shinjuku LOFT, I saw Ian and asked, "Hey, how come you didn't go over to watch Rumi & Skyfish?! They tore it up!" Ian's response was that he was too busy enjoying Merpeople's set. In fact his exact words regarding his impression of Merpeoples was: "Absolutely brilliant!" "F*cking genius!"

After listening to their debut mini-album and watching their PV for "シャーマン" a few months later I had to agree with Ian. I also prefer that they've started to dress a bit more normally compared to the outlandish garb they used to rock.

My friend substance loves the sound of Sayaka's synth to the point of Korgasm. Charlotte looks cuter every time I see her and bonus props for the Rickenbacker.

I wouldn't be opposed to inviting Merpeoples to Canada one day. Hope they don't remember me as the f_cker who ditched their set halfway to watch Rumi & Skyfish. hahaha.