Indie Spotlight: 昆虫キッズ (The Insect Kids)

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Takahashi Shou (Gt/Vx) Hiyamoto Kei (Gt/Key/Vx) Sakuma Yuta (Dr/Cho) 724 Nomoto (Ba/Vx)

One phenomenon that's always irked me is the extreme popularity of 神聖かまってちゃん (Shinsei Kamattechan). They're not a terrible band as they exude plenty of charisma and character to offset any shortcomings in talent but crass humor/outlandish behaviour + mediocre musicianship should not equal sold-out shows with massive crowds and being lauded as one of the hottest bands in Japan. Having said that I'd like to introduce a band quite similar to kamattechan called 昆虫キッズ (Konchou Kids = the Insect Kids). The members look alot like the kids in SK-chan. They're a goofy band that play with alot of energy and spontaneity. Not super-skilled but arguably more chops than kamattechan and if you ask me I think they're the more fun band to watch live.

(the avocado burgers and mahi mahi sandwiches at Kua Aina are sofa king GOOD. Rather expensive but highly recommended.)

Actually, the Insect Kids are the perfect archetype for Japanese bands that kick way more ass live relative to how they sound on CD. If I was given a nickel for every time a person questioned why I like SEBASTIAN X so much when they sound so underwhelming on CD I'd have enough money to fund Next Music from TOKYO vol 3. Here's the deal: Studio recordings don't mean SHIT!! The only thing that matters is how a band performs live on stage. Sebastian put on one of the most intense/fun shows around and sound way better live than they do on CD. Same goes for the Insect Kids.

Listen to the songs on their Myspace or watch this PV:


If you said the Insect Kids sound soft and anemic (based on their studio recordings and PV) I couldn't even play devil's advocate and would have to agree with your assessment. BUT check out how they come across live:

(the ending is nuts!)

Do you see what I mean? It's like night and day.

The bassplayer, Nomoto, plays in another cool band called Solid Afro:

(the vocals make me cringe but the instrumentation is eccentric, funky and type nice.)