Koutei Camera Plot Twist !!

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Three days ago Tapestok Records dropped a huge bomb by finally revealing the identities of the members that would make up Koutei Camera Girl Drei and Koutei Camera Gal.

But first, a refresher history lesson:

Dec 29, 2014: Koutei Camera Girl is born  (4 members: molm'o'mol; Sugarsugar lala; Nonorule remmell; Mashly Domestic)  note: there was actually an original 5th member named Millennium but she didn't last long (12 days).

Oct 2015:  Koutei Camera Girl grows to 6 members with the addition of: ramy t talata; pataco & pataco

Feb 2016:  ramy t talata and pataco&pataco are removed and Mashly Domestic is replaced by warwar toome.  After this big makeover, Koutei Camera Girl enter a new phase and change their name to Koutei Camera Girl Zwei  (Zwei = 2 in German)

March 2016:  ramy t talata and pataco&pataco form a separate group known as Koutei Camera Gal.     note there was actually an original 3rd member but she didn't last long.

January 2017:  Koutei Camera Girl Zwei disband but it is announced that auditions will take place to create an all-new line-up for Koutei Camera Girl Drei.  (Drei = 3 in German)

March 2017:  NMFT invites Koutei Camera Gal to take part in NMFT 11 since Koutei Camera Girl Drei won't be ready by October.

Aug 2017:  pataco&pataco leaves Koutei Camera Gal.   Tapestok Records informs NMFT that Koutei Camera Girl Drei will be ready for October and will perform their first show in Canada (before Japan) as part of NMFT 11.

Sept 2017:  Tapestok Records reveals that Koutei Camera Girl Drei consists of four members: So Late Good Timing; Catch My Heart; Sappy Halloween;  Sharapova

And three days ago, Tapestok surprise everyone by announcing:

1. Koutei Camera Girl Drei is officially a 3-member group consisting of ramy t talata; Catch My Heart; Sappy Halloween.

2. Koutei Camera Gal has found a new member to replace pataco&pataco and pair up with ramy t talata and her name is Catch My Heart

***insert spit take here****


That means Koutei Camera Girl Drei = Koutei Camera Gal + Sappy Halloween.

This means technically both Koutei Camera Girl Drei and Koutei Camera Gal are actually part of NMFT11.

Will you actually get to see Koutei Camera Gal perform at NMFT11?

Well, if you're lucky enough to be in Montreal for the 2nd show on Oct 9, BOTH Koutei Camera Girl Drei and Koutei Camera Gal will perform!!

No offense to Maison book girl or Yukueshirezutsurezure but out of all the underground idol groups Koutei Camera Girl Zwei was by far the dopest and the one I wanted to bring to Canada the most.   That's because on stage they really didn't come across as idols. Instead the musical act they resembled the most is one of my all-time faves: group_inou:

Unfortunately Koutei Camera Girl Zwei broke up in January 2017 and it became a blind-folded roller coaster ride as to which group Tapestok Records would be sending to Canada as part of NMFT11.  I fell in love with both Koutei Camera Girl and Koutei Camera Gal's music and the fact that members of both units are part of the tour is awesome.

Note: don't expect to see Koutei Camera Gal in action unless you go to the 2nd Montreal show. Even though both members are in Canada they have been rehearsing primarily for KCG Drei.

Anways I am incredibly stoked to have Koutei Camera Girl Drei, ame to kanmuri and potentially Kotei Camera Gal perform so Canadians can witness firsthand the sheer dopeness of Tapestok Records' roster.  The music is infectiously dance-inducing with plenty of raw emotion exuded on stage by the girls.  You guys will have a blast!


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