NMFT vol 3 line-up finalized


百蚊 (hyacca) (pronounced hyakka)

チーナ (chiina) (pronounced cheena)


385 would have been an excellent band to have on the roster but I've decided to go with Natsumen instead. The uncertainity after Jun (keyboards) left the band and a major change in their sound switching from keyboards to guitar were keyr factors in making the decision. 385 has the potential to be even better with Noda Kouhei in the line-up and I wish them the best of luck. And I'll do my best to bring you guys to Canada in the near future.

I will also try my best to keep the schedule as: Wed Oct 12 Vancouver Fri Oct 14 Montreal (possibly all ages) Sat Oct 15 Toronto Sun Oct 16 Toronto (all ages)

BUT due to an unexpectedly huge increase in the cost of airfare for flights leaving Tokyo --> Vancouver on Oct 11, it appears I'll have to change the tour schedule to:

Thu Oct 13 Vancouver Sat Oct 15 Toronto Sun Oct 16 Toronto (all ages) Tue Oct 18 Montreal (possibly all-ages)

It'll be a longshot but I plan to email Air Canada about getting some sort of corporate rate since I've been supporting them big time for many years with my countless trips to Japan. If successful I can go with the original schedule which I highly prefer but as it stands I save over $7000 going with the modified one. At the very least I'll try my best to secure La Sala Rossa for the Montreal show.

Also, I'll be contacting people who have helped in the past and volunteered to help with future tours. I'd like to organize street teams for each city. I'm already making Geoff the quarterback for the Toronto team. Hopefully Adam and Jeff in Vancouver will take up leadership roles as well. I appreciate any help people can give me in designing posters and creating videos to promote the tour. I encourage everyone to spread word about the tour through any forum (facebook, twitter, youtube, wordpress, music sites, japanese interest forums, anime sites, food blogs, gardening tip sites, yoga sites... anywhere!!) People who can volunteer to help out at the shows will also be an incredible asset.

It would be great to have an after-show party with the street teams in each city and all of the bands. Though Vancouver is somewhat sad in that most places close early and last call is 1am. Is anyone in Vancouver willing to organize such a party?

I created a message board/forum last year but it got inundated by spambots. There were literally >100 spambots/day trying to join the site and it was impossible to filter the bogus applicants from the legitimate ones. I'll make another one and ask for help in moderating it.

I'm esctatic to have each of these 4 bands participate and I guarantee it'll be a killer show in each city. To modify my friend Ian's quote: "NMFT vol 3 will be so good it'll make your balls.. or ovaries explode!!" This is a grassroots tour. You guys are just as important as me and the bands in making this tour a success. Please help in any way you can so that we all have the time of our lives in October!!