New Schedule !!

editted: I had a bit of a scheduling crisis but things are looking much better.The tour dates have been finalized. The venues still need sorting but the critical Vancouver show has been booked and confirmed.

Oct 13 (Thu): Montreal @ tba Oct 14 (Fri): Montreal @ Club Lambi (confirmed!!) Oct 15 (Sat): Toronto @ tba (likely Rivoli) Oct 16 (Sun): Toronto @ tba (likely Velvet Underground) Oct 18 (Tue): Vancouver @ The Biltmore Cabaret (confirmed!!) maybe a 2nd show in Vancouver on Oct 19 if the Vancouver street team can help arrange something. An all-ages show at UBC would be cool. Maybe somewhere in the Student Union Building or even at Totem Park or Vanier residence. It'll be up to you guys in Vancouver to make it happen!!

I'm really happy to have the schedule this way since people in Montreal now have a much better chance of making the shows. It allows me to use a valuable Friday night for a show instead of wasting it travelling between Vancouver and Toronto. Unfortunately I lose La Sala Rossa which is arguably the best venue in Montreal but Club Lambi was pretty awesome last year and accomodates a larger crowd. I plan to do 2 shows in Montreal. Wouldn't mind holding it at McGilll U or Concordia or somewhere really close to a university campus. All ages wouild be preferable but not a necessity.

update: The Rivoli is mine for the taking on Oct 15. Indie Week also want the venue but I have 1st dibs. I also have the option of sharing the club with Indie Week like I did last year which resulted in free backline. The only problem is that sharing with Indie Week means no sound check for the bands and inferior backline to what I would normally rent. I'm going to consult with Geoff on this matter. He feels I should rent a bigger venue 300-400 capacity. I guess El Mocambo (downstairs) is an option but they tried to rip me off last time ($700 for the crappy upstairs floor with extremely poor sightlines). Mod Club won't work b/c they have an early curfew to allow for their DJ/club events where most of their money is made.

Velvet Underground can hold up to ~400 people and can host all-ages gigs.