Where you need to be Saturday May 21 & 28 !!

This is primarily for those that live near Tokyo and Vancouver, respectively. Though I live in Toronto and will be flying in specifically for these events b/c they're well worth the time and money. On May 21, bound to be one of the best shows in Tokyo all year: Kyushu Pop Festival 2011 @ Shinjuku Motion. 9 bands in total. 5 from Kyushu. 4 from Tokyo but with Hakata ramen souls at heart. Hyacca are playing. That's really the only reason you need to go, but there will be 8 other crazy, passionate and boundlessly energetic bands to exalt your mind and soul to a state of constant adrenaline rush. The event is curated by DJ/singer/writer/artist/label owner/promoter/professional beer drinker/modern day renaissance man: Ian Martin. Ian loathes the mundane and orthodox. If he chose a band for this event it's because they're unique, innovative or just unbelievably fun to listen to and watch. The show starts early!! 4pm. And runs all the way until 11pm.

More info here and here (youtube playlist).


On May 28, Vancouver is lucky to have the Canadian premiere screening of the fascinating documentary film: Live From Tokyo

Director: Lewis Rapkin Producer: Eric Mintz Director of Photography: Ian Sotzing

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This film was long overdue!! When you think of Japanese culture: food, manga, anime, cinema, video games and electronics immediately come to mind but music is near the bottom of the cultural totem pole. Which is extremely unfortunate because in my honest opinion, music is the best thing Japan has to offer. Not so much in the form of CDs or downloads, but for live performances Tokyo's underground music scene is currently without peer in this world. I don't know exactly why but part of it must have to do with Japan's claustrophobically rigid decorum. Think of the rat race in Anywhere City, USA or Canada and multiply that level of stress, ass-kissing, depression and despair 10-fold and you might get a sense of what it's like living in Tokyo with 40 million other residents. There's a reason why Japan has one of the highest suicide rates amongst industrialized nations. The bullsh*t people have to put up with in everyday life acts as substrate for rebellious creativity. Japan also prides itself in striving to be the best at everything. Because 40 million people live in in the Tokyo Metropolis succumbing to the nastiest rat race in the world but taking honor in striving for excellence, Tokyo is a breeding ground for some of the best underground music bands in the world. The documentary film "Live fromTokyo" transports you to Tokyo's massive and immensely creative and entertaining underground music scene. Lewis Rapkin et al chose a great list of bands to showcase the diversity, talent and eccentricity that makes the Tokyo scene so special. I haven't seen the film yet but judging my the bands involved and the excellent trailer:

for me it's worth flying all the way to Vancouver for the weekend to enjoy the film in its entirety. I almost flew to NY last year for its US premiere but the screening was held on a Friday evening and I would have had to miss work to get there.

If you live near Vancouver please go to the Kibatsu Cinema Festival and watch this important film. It's not just for people who already have an interest in Japanese culture or music. If you know anyone that is open-minded in their taste in music let them know about this film because it may make their day.

Live From Tokyo 79 min starts: 7pm at Pacific Cinemtheque 1131 Howe Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y6 (604) 688-8202