Charan!! Inside My Skirt is an Accordian

I mentioned that during the 2 weeks I'm here in Japan the selection of smaller shows I can attend is rather abysmmal since all my favorite bands seem to be taking a break. But tonight there are a couple of awesome bands I can't wait to see!

First there's the uber quirky and ridiculously charming Charan-Po-Rantan:

They're playing at Yoyogi Zher the Zoo and go on at 7pm.

After they're done hopefully I can chat with them for a bit before I boot it right away to Shinjuku Red Cloth where スカートの中 (skirt no naka; pronounced: sukaato no naka; translation: inside my skirt or up my skirt or think up your own perverted definition with a sukebe smile on your face)

A few people have recommended this band to me as they put on a really fun show and probably because they know I am a sucker for female bands. hahaha. I've seen youtube clips of them but this will be my first time seeing this band live. It'll also be my first time seeing shows at Zher the Zoo and Red Cloth so I'm stoked for that reason as well.

Tonight will be awesome just getting to see these 2 bands alone but Aug 6 is the mother of all asskicking show nights. For 2 weeks I have almost dick-all to see but on Aug 6 alot of my fave bands come out of the woodwork to do shows:

Aug 6: 1. Less Than Tv presents Meteo Night w/ NATSUMEN, Yolz in the Sky, DODDODO, Melt Banana, Bloodthirsty Butchers and a ton of post-punk/grind/no-wave/thrash/uncategorizable bands This show is at O-nest and starts early at 1pm

2. Thai Kick Murph @ Shindaita FEVER (new album release party) I HAVE to see thai kick esp since it's their album release party and it will be an incredibly fun vibe.

3. 打首獄門同好会 aka Uchikubi @ Sangenjaya Heaven's Door I don't know why but I just love these guys.

4. Nayuta @ Shimokita 251 These guys are absolutely sick musicians and play shows very infrequently. I've been meaning to see them for a loooong time but they're never playing when I'm in Japan. It sucks that i'll probably have to miss them again.

5.Tengu Invaders @ Shibuya LUSH Another band I am kicking myself for not having seen live yet. They played at a show I went to with viridian, Kominami Yasuha and N'Shukagawa Boys but I left that show temporarily to see DODDODO and missed them by the time I got back. Tengu are f*cking FIERCE live. Out of all the bands this day they might put on the most fun, energetic set though Uchikubi and some Less Than TV bands will give them a run for their money.

6. nisennenmondai / Envy /FRICTION / Mo'some Tonebender @ LIQUID I always love watching nisennen but @ LIQUID?! meh. This will be a good show but the probability of me missing the other shows for this is slim to none.

7. Hyacca / Velocityut / N'Toko @ Kichijoji Goku Sound w/ Ian Martin and members of the Mornings DJing Good News: This show starts at 11 pm and won't conflict with the other shows! Bad News: This show starts at 11pm and goes till 6am and I have to fly back to Toronto hours later!!! Worse News: I'm going to an all night event on Aug 5th as well. I am SCREWED!!

Having too many shows to go to is almost as bad as no good shows to attend. I won't be able to go to all these shows to see the bands I want but I am going to friggin try! I need to see NATSUMEN for obvious reasons (need video footage). But I can't miss Thai Kick Murph. It would also be great to see Tengu and Nayuta since I've never had the chance to se them live yet. In the mean time I will practice Naruto's Kage Bunshin no Jutsu so I can perfect the shadow clone teachnique in time for Aug 6. :)