Live Review: Thai Kick Murph "In-store Live" @ Shinjuku Tower Records (2011.08.28)

Vish is a friend whom I met through the Next Music from Tokyo shows in Toronto.He had listened to Japanese music before (favorite bands: Art-School, the Novembers) but after watching the NMFT shows his interest in Tokyo's underground music scene grew profoundly. This year Vish decided to spend a year in Tokyo, Japan on a working holiday visa. He actually arrived in Tokyo shortly before the massive Tohoku earthquake in March (he said it was scary but not as frightening as being at the epicenter of one of my stagedives). Vish is working hard teaching English at a cram school and when he has the time and money tries to see as many live shows as he can. (that and go to hostess bars in Roppongi. hahaha j/k!)

From time to time, Vish will write a live review for this site. Last week the lucky bastard got to see one of my favorite bands play a free show at Tokyo Records in Shinjuku. Here is Vish's first Live Review (thanks Vish!!) _________________________________________________________________________

Aug 28, 2011 - It's not often that you see a live band playing in the corner of a department store record shop. About a week ago, I was at Tower Records in Shinjuku and to everyone's delight, Thai Kick Murph were playing to promote their new album "Delta Attack". There was a small stage set up, with a large screen behind projecting the stage offering a decent view for all, and a small amount of space reserved for the crowd. It was a cozy and well lit place for a free performance on a Sunday afternoon.

The members of Thai Kick Murph walked on to the stage wearing everyday street clothes. No fancy dress needed as they were ready to turn up the voltage and did they ever. They started off with their hit "Thai Kick Olympic" and they played with enough vigor to rock the whole floor of the building. Their screaming guitar riffs , groovy basslines, and soothing keys revved up the crowd and attracted many on-lookers in the shop. Miyau's wailing vocal lines were so incredibly powerful and intense that it just made the music much more captivating. The energy of their music was reflected in their visual performance and they're quite a sight to see live.

On an unexpected side note, a fan in the crowd had passed out (presumably due to exhaustaion, but possibly from the music ^^) and the band had stopped mid-song over concern for what happened to the fallen fan. Miya even went out of her way to grab a bottle of tea for the poor girl. That just shows that not only do they have a big sound but also a big heart for all their fans.

The gig was about half an hour and they had an autograph session afterwards. Their new album, "DeltaAttack," is their second album and it's sheer brilliance. They've got some of their videos uploaded on youtube and I would highly recommend that you give them a listen. But the recordings don't do them justice, and if you ever find yourself in Tokyo you'd be better off going out of your way to see them play live.

Photos and live written review courtesy of Vish P.