No Man is an Island (pt 2)

In a nutshell, I still need a lot of help with this tour.

1. Missing crucial equipment for the Montreal shows

  • Marshall JCM 800 amp head (2203 or 2204) Natsumen's guitarist AxSxEx swears this is the only amp head he can use otherwise the tone ends up sounding like sh*t. Basically, if there's no JCM 800 he'll be too upset and depressed to even play. To be honest very few people in the audience would be able to notice much of a difference between a JCM 800 vs 900 or any of the newer Marshalls but for AxSxEx it's as important a distinction as life vs death. So far none of the rental stores in Montreal seem to carry the JCM 800. Geoff found a website for a store that does but noone answered when I called them. If Boite a Musique doesn't have it or if it's already rented for Oct 13&14, we're kinda screwed. Can anyone in Montreal lend us a JCM 800 or let me know where to rent one?

  • Yamaha SLB 100 or SLB 200 upright electric bass  チーナ's contrabass player uses a Yamaha SLB-100 which is rarely ever found in rental stores. The newer Yamaha SLB-200 is fairly common but not in Montreal. In fact almost none of the music rental stores rent out electric upright basses at all! Right now it looks like I'll have to rent a Yamaha SLB-200 in Toronto and have my friend Jonathan drive it by car from Toronto to Montreal. Why not take it on the plane myself? Well the SLB-200 rental doesn't come with a proper case for shipping on a plane so the chances of it getting damaged en-route are high (according to Long & McQuade music store). Does anyone in Montreal know of a place that rents out a Yamaha SLB-100 or SLB-200 or an electric contrabass of similar quality and build? Also, students at McGill and Concordia are able to rent out musical instruments from their university's music department. Apparently universities are more likely to carry a Yamaha silent bass than the typical music rental store. Can anyone at Mcgill or Concordia look into this for me?

2. Flyers & Posters !!!! If you can print out a few flyers or posters and spread them around your neighbourhood at key places like record stores, university campuses, coffee shops, Japanese restaurants/stores/language centers etc that would be extremely helpful. Or just carry a few flyers on you and if you meet someone who might be interested then"Bam!" flyer him or her. :)

Here are some of the posters me and friends have designed. (Click on photo for larger image)

design by Kenny C

Appropriately sized so 2 flyers fit on one 8.5" x 11" paper.

more designs (can add text yourself): Coutesy of Kubota Y

Design courtesy of Rupert B

3. Facebook pages. If you plan on going to the one of the shows, please show your support by signing up on the event page. And if you're extra nice, leave a comment or invite friends to the show!

Oct 13 & 14 Montreal Facebook Page

Oct 15 Toronto @ Rivoli Oct 16 Toronto @ Velvet Underground

Oct 18 Vancouver @ Biltmore