A Vish Called Awesome

There is a God and his name is Vishnu Vish.Vish is a friend I met through the NMFT tour. He's from Toronto but is currently living in Tokyo on a working holiday visa. He had a blast watching both NMFT tours and is now immersed in Tokyo's awesome underground music scene himself. Lucky bastard! He's become friends with alot of my favorite bands and is even dropping knowledge on great up & coming bands I've never heard of yet. He introduced me to きのこ帝国 (kinoko teikoku) a few months ago and they're a great band I'm potentially considering for NMFT vol 4. Oh and if you're wondering what Akai Ko-en sound like then skip to the 6:00 mark of this video because that's pretty close to the same brand of intense emo/HC Akai Ko-en plays with. But then watch it again from the beginning because this song slays the whole way through.

Vish wrote the live report on Thai Kick Murph a few posts back. He also designed the animated text for the NMFT 3 promo vid. Now he's followed that up with making a promo clip for チーナ !!

And if that wasn't enough, he whipped up some quick posters for the Toronto shows:

Thanks Vish!! (Huge thanks to VIPs Geoff, Kenny and Kim for all their help too!)