It Came from Japan

DJ, writer, promoter, A&R, musician Daniel Robson was awesome enough to plug the Next Music from Tokyo tour on his podcast again. You can download the podcast free on iTunes: or listen to the stream here.

Tracks include: Pinky Piglets – Tokyo Merry-Go-Round GalapagosS – Ariekeru Tokyo Pinsalocks – Lu La Hallelujah Merpeoples – Shaman Hyacca – Riot Hondalady – Gimme A Break

Daniel resides in Tokyo and organizes his own tour bringing Japanese bands to the UK and France. He also helps run and DJs at the monthly BAD NOISE music showcases held at the Ruby Room in Shibuya. If you're ever in Tokyo definitely check out BAD NOISE at the Ruby Room. Great party vibe in a bar barely larger than a phonebooth with bands (usually female) playing practically on your lap. Merpeoples and uhnellys have both played at BAD NOISE.

Daniel has also interviewed/reviewed some of my favorite bands: Masadayomasa and ミドリ.

Daniel's a singer/songwriter/musician and is also married to one named *sneeze*Nattcu*sneeze*. With Daniel Robson and Ian Martin around who says renaissance men are a dying breed.

So shout out and huge thanks to Daniel for helping the NMFT cause and supporting the indie/underground music scene in Tokyo.