Thank You!

Last night was f*cking bonkers!It was such a great show. All 5 bands put on legendary level performances. I only wish I could have somehow put Akai Ko-en on later since it was tough for them to go first with a 2 min line-check and no rehearsal. They were still awesome but not at the level they were at in Montreal. I think if they went on even second or third when the crowd was already at max capacity, Akai Ko-en would have really shown their true potential.

Thanks, thanks, THANKS!! so much to everyone who made last night's show an unequivocal success. I really want to give special mention to Geoff, Dan, Jonathan, Lana, Larry, Keleng, Han, Bernard, Hiro, Jesse, Phil, Brandon, Ian, Ben Lv, Sharon, Indie week, the Rivoli!! I know I'm forgetting important names but you know who you are!

Did anyone get hyacca's performance on tape?? Hoooooly shit was Hanazono (last song) ever BANANAS. Normally I would be documenting these insane performances on videotape myself but I enjoy the shows so much more when I don't have to film. Last night was pretty damn special and I'm kickig myself for not being able to clone myself into another video-shooting partner. I know my friends took great photos but proper and complete video documentaion of the killer sets by Chiina, Hyacca and Merpeoples in particular would have been ace.

wow. That was one incredible night. Wish we could have celebtrated with an uchiage (Japanese style after party between bands and the audience mambers) but our hotel situation was completely messed up and I spent 90 min lugging equipment back to my apartment and looking for Merpeoples' Korg Triton Le. We plan for an uchiage tonight though after the Velvet show! The bands are going to make the show just as awesome as it was last night so get your ass to the Velvet Underground for our early show (7pm-11pm). Don't miss Merpeoples!!