Charlotte got her phone and groove back

HUGE thanks to the gentleman that came to the Velvet Underground show to return Charlotte's lost iPhone.You made her day! Yesterday I took the bands to Niagara falls and we all rode on the Maid of the Mist and got soaked. I had all the girls wear white T-shirts... j/k. I also took Akai Ko-en to Niagara on the Lake. They were dumbfounded at how such a quaint, cute yet "oshare" place could exist on earth. They don't want to go back to Tokyo. Will post photos later.

We've checked in at the airport and are waiting to board our flight to Vancouver. Unfortunately Merpeoples will be returning to Tokyo but I hooked them up with free passes to the Maple Leaf Lounge b/c their flight leaves a couple hours after ours. Gotta go.