Planning Volume 4 for May 2012

I would like to do another tour in May 2012 but only if I can secure a line-up that I myself am 100% excited about.Last year I ended up cancelling the May 2011 tour because ミドリ screwed me over by breaking up before coming to Canada and the replacement line-up of 385 / viridian / N'夙川BOYS / SuiseiNoboAz seemed too lacklustre to donate >$40,000 of my money on. Although in hindsight, it would have been a pretty good line-up (especially since Jun wouldn't have quit 385.)

I plan to bring four bands (maaaaaybe five but only if the total number of musicians is reasonable). Each tour has had a "headliner" (andymori in vol 1, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs in vol 2 and NATSUMEN in vol 3).

In May 2012, the band I would love to bring most would be Clammbon. The members of NATSUMEN and sgt. can help me get Clammbon on-board but it'll still take a small miracle to happen (my concern is Clammbon's manager making unecessarily high demands as Usotsuki Barbie, Sebastian X and Rin Toshite Shigure have in the past).

This is still completely in the planning stages and I haven't invited any of these bands yet but I am looking towards a line-up in the vein of:

Clammbon group_inou 385 (or the Mornings) Thai Kick Murph (or viridian or Tokyo Karan Koron)

Other bands I'm strongly considering:

the mornings viridian 東京カランコロン (Tokyo Karan Koron) 雅だよ雅 (masadayomasa) チャランポランタン (Charan po Rantan) N´夙川BOYS (N'Shukagawa Boys) 股下89 (matashita89) スカートの中 (Skirt no Naka) Wienners ハイスイノナサ (haisuinonasa) mudy on the 昨晩 (mudy on the sakuban)