Rob Perry for prez!

Watching this video brings back so many great memories from the last 3 tours.

Last year my friend Dan Chow flew all the way from California to help out with NMFT3. He even rented hotel rooms and mini-vans to help cut down my costs. Dude was a life-saver since last year involved 5 bands with 28 members in total. It would have been a nightmare to look after all those non-English speaking rock stars all by myself. So Titanic sized props to my mellow my man Dan Chow for all your hard work in Oct 2011. All the bands miss you and want you to visit them in Japan a.s.a.p.

This time around, Rob Perry is going to accompany me for the entire tour and videograph the whole enchilada. He lives all the way out in America's homicide capital: Baltimore, MD. Rob's going to be driving all the freaking way from Inner Harbor to Tdot and bringing drums and amps with him. I would marry Rob if I weren't straighter than 6 o'clock and saving myself for Aoi Yuu. lol.

Rob drove from Baltimore to help out and videotape the first two tours in 2010 (Toronto shows only). He would have done the same last year too if not for major surgery. He used some footage from NMFT 1 & 2, borrowed Jonathan Alag's footage from vol 3 and created the fine video you see at the top of this blog post.

When Zazen Boys came to New York in 2008, Rob emailed Mukai and convinced him to play a show in Baltimore as well. Rob organized the show all by himself and treated Zazen Boys to some Baltimore crab legs. So next month will be a reunion of sorts for Rob and zazen Boys.

Actually, Rob the lucky bum is going to Japan next week where he will get to watch:

April 22 Tokyo Boredom @ Koenji 20000V and UFO club April 23 Owarikara w/ guest: HINTO @ Shimokita SHELTER April 28 & 29: Abaraki Rock Fes in Sendai

Those are the shows he told me he's going to but there's also: April 21 & 22: Kaikoo Popwave w/ toe, envy, motk, MELT-BANANA, Qomolangma Tomato, Yolz in the Sky, King Brothers etc April 22 Mirror, LOW-PASS, miaou @ Shibuya O-nest April 30 Akai Koen @ Shinjuku MARZ April 30 NATSUMEN presents Endless Summer Jam vol 1000 w/ skillkills & WATCHMAN

He told me he'll miss the KIMONOS/YOLZ IN THE SKY show @ Shindaita FEVER (May 1) by one day.

While Rob's in Japan he'll interview Ian Martin, Ryotaro Aoki, the Mornings and some other bands. If possible, he might shoot some mini-commericals with the NMFT 4 bands like Ryotaro did with Merpeoples last year.

Have a f*cking awesome time in Japan Rob!! Make sure you go to Ramen Jiro! hahaha. or at least Nakamoto ! (go to the one in Shinjuku )