NMFT vol 5

NMFT vol 5 is tentatively scheduled for Oct 17-25. For this tour I wanted to create an 'all-star' line-up of bands who have participated in the past. Initially I was going to choose one band and let the fans decide the rest of the line-up. But things got a little complicated after I made my selection: 赤い公園 (Akai Koen) Akai Koen insisted that I bring along チーナ. Fair enough. Overall, チーナ (chiina) and Akai Koen were the two most popular bands on the NMFT3 line-up. チーナ are also releasing a new mini-album this year. The title of the album and one of its songs will be named after a Canadian landmark.

Then Mariko Goto asked me if she could come to Canada with her new band. Her previous band ミドリ (Midori) was supposed to be the headlining band for NMFT3... but then she broke the band up before they could come. She apologized for that and genuinely wants another chance to come to Canada. Her solo band consists of her on vocals with all-star support members: AxSxE (Guitar; NATSUMEN) Muneomi Senju (Drums; ex-Boredoms) Kazuhiro Nakamata (Bass; fresh! ex-downy) Shunske Watanabe (Keyboards; Schroeder-Headz, support for PUFFY)

The bands sounds like a more mature version of ミドリ. Still a fusion of jazz and rock with pop sensibility and a touch of chaos and hardcore. I saw their very first show last December. To be honest I loved ミドリ alot more but everyone tells me Mariko Goto's new band is getting better with each show and with each new song.

So as of right now, NMFT vol 5 consists of Akai Koen, チーナ, and Mariko Goto.

Out of the bands that have participated in the past, who would you guys like to see again most? (you can make up to two choices)

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You can offer alternative suggestions in the comments section. (I know Adam is already typing the words Mudy on the....) Akai Koen (4+1), チーナ (5), and Mariko Goto (5) already make 15 people that I have to pay travel costs for. Obviously, I can't afford to bring NATSUMEN (8+2). Kulu Kulu Garden broke up. But Ryotaro does have a new band with Ikuko of Merpeoples on bass, Tonjiru (ex-Far France, KKG) on drums and a super-cute girl named Jun on vocals. MOTFD are not officially broken up but right now Nacchan is the only remaining member and she's concentrating on solo-work. Owarikara may already be too busy to come to Canada in October.

Note: Universal Music acquring EMI may affect my ability to bring Akai Koen depending on what their new management is like. Note: This isn't the only opportunity for past bands to come to Canada. I can bring previous bands in 2013 as well.