Rivoli day one an unequivocal success

Sold out show at the Rivoli on Fri, May 18. The crowd was already near capacity from the start of Praha Depart's set. They did an admirable job of warming up the crowd with an intense performance culminating with the song DOT.

Charan Po Rantan kicked major ass and was defintiely a crowd favorite of many. They sold half their CDs already and more than the other bands combined.

But the best crowd reaction had to go to group_inou hands down. They elicited a steady stream of crowd surfing. To the point that the Rivoli told us we weren't allowed to crowd surf anyomre. I think we reached the quota for the year in a span of 15 min. hahaha. Hald the crowd was drenched in sweat from jumoing and dancing so much. F*cking great performance.

Zazen took the torch and maintained the level of greatness set by group_inou. The version of cold beat last nigt was the most enteratining I had seen to date. Himitsu Girl, Honnoji and Riff Man drew major fanfare and the encore song Kimochi was facemelting.

I stole Chatmonchy's idea and asked my friend Larry to stand at the back of the stage and photograph each band with the audience at the end of each set. It took us time to work out the kinks (lighting) but the photos with group_inou and zazen look phenomenal. Hopefully I can get the photos from Larry soon. I'll put them up for people who came to the show on Fri to download.

Advance tickets for tonight's show completely sold out!!!!! I made sure there'll be tickets at the door but space is extremely limited. Can't wait!! Even though I'm the organizer I enjoy these shows more than anybody and I have the sweat drenched T-shirts to prove it. :)